Hamburg Airport

Beautiful Airport in Hamburg

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Hamburg is so beautiful 

Hamburg international airport

Hamburg is 2nd largest city in the Germany

Since November 2016 the official name has become Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt

Hamburg Airport originally covered 440,000 m2

On 28 May 2018, Emirates announced it would commence services from Dubai International Airport to Hamburg with the A380.

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Cindy’s restaurant in Hamburg airport

I was also disappointed in this dining area as I could not find any electrical outlets with tables or benches. Maybe this in conjunction with the free wifi for one hour? Will the webpage load before the computer battery runs out?

Electronics vending machine

I was feeling a little sore and knew that there were no free snacks on Easyjet. On the main floor of the station there were a few sandwich shops and a strange bar. This looked very busy and I could not imagine long queues or lists.

Duty Free

There were so many stores that greeted me immediately. To be honest, after making many flights, I am not a fan of Duty Free. I don't find the prices particularly cheap and often don't need to buy anything anyway. As a traveler traveling in the European Union to another European Union country, I also am not entitled to some tax exemptions that I will get if I am traveling long distances.

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