5 Signs Of Enamel Erosion Smile Direct Club Vs Byte That You Cannot Ignore 

Enamel erosion is a chronic process leading to the loss of hard tooth tissue. Exceptionally, it takes place without the participation of microorganisms. The main reason is that the teeth are exposed to acid smile direct club vs byte, which significantly lowers the pH in the mouth. How do you recognize the symptoms of ongoing enamel erosion?

What is enamel erosion and what are its causes?

Enamel erosion is a chemical process of the gradual loss of the surface layer of the hard tissues of a tooth without the participation of microorganisms. It is a chronic phenomenon. The reason responsible for this type of change in dentition is the negative effect of acids smile direct, contained mainly in the diet. Frequent consumption of large amounts of acid-rich foods with a pH below 4.5 gradually dissolves the hydroxyapatites that build the tooth enamel. This destroys the protective layer and may even damage the dentin.

The most unfavorable effect is drinking fruit juices (apples, oranges, lemons) byte and eating fresh citrus fruits, but also rhubarb and cherries. Erosion is also caused by a large amount of vegetables in the daily diet (e.g. Brussels sprouts, asparagus or sorrel). The frequent consumption of carbonated drinks (including isotonic or energy drinks) as well as wine or fruit teas also has a negative effect on the teeth.

Acid erosion of the enamel may also be caused by an ongoing, generalized disease process smile direct , such as diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux, conditions with frequent vomiting (e.g. bulimia, chronic alcoholism) or salivation disorders. Untreated cavities in enamel cause a cascade of unfavorable changes, favoring the development of caries, tooth cracks , gingivitis or even tooth loss. The enamel erosion process is unfortunately irreversible. For this reason smile direct club vs byte, prophylaxis and frequent, regular check-ups at the dentist's in order to obtain the appropriate recommendations in the event of enamel erosion are important.

Enamel loss:

Enamel erosion gradually destroys the protective top layer of teeth. Enamel defects resulting from the harmful effects of acids have quite a characteristic shape and location. They usually widen towards the periphery of the tooth. They are rather flat with rounded edges. The teeth in the weakened area become smooth and shiny. Typically smile direct club vs byte, the contact surfaces, incisal margins, and cervical portions of the teeth are free of such changes. The most common problem is byte the incisors and premolars on their buccal or vestibular surfaces. Erosive changes are less common in molars.

Cracks and unusual cavities :

The progressive process of acid enamel erosion causes a significant loss of hard tooth tissues. This contributes to their significant weakening and increases the risk of cracks forming on their surface. It also favors the appearance of atypical cavities smile direct . There are grooves in the cervical area of the teeth and grooves and dimples on the chewing surfaces. The teeth then become less resistant to mechanical damage. The risk of chipping or cracking individual teeth increases.

Enamel erosion - which toothpaste to choose?

The toothpaste for enamel erosion should prevent cavities and at the same time strengthen the enamel during daily use. It is worth choosing one that accelerates the remineralization of teeth thanks to the combination of fluoride and isomalt. It is also important that the toothpaste has a protective effect on the gum tissue smile direct club vs byte, among others thanks to the content of antioxidants (coenzyme Q10 and pomegranate) or ginger and bisabolol with a strengthening effect.


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