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MY600A model is a very special veterinary anesthesia machine.

Technology specification: 

Respiration mode :Manual mode, open mode, closed mode, semi-open and semi-closed mode 

Gas source:O2,quick inlet port 

O2 FLUSH: 20L /min- -75L /min 

Flow meter: O2, 0L/min - -6L/min, adjustable easily 

Airway pressure gauge:-10cmH2O-80cmH20 

APL valve: adjustable easily, range:0-60cmH20 

Inspiration valve and expiration valve, ISO standard port, diameter 22mm 

Soda lime chamber:1 Liter, easy to change soda lime within one minute 

Bains connector for open breath system, like Bains circuit and Jackson circuit 

Anesthesia vaporizer: Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane or Sevoflurane. supply selectatec compatiable mounting bar, ISO 23mm is compatiable. 

Trolley: 5 casters spider, three with brakes 

 Standard configuration:  

Anesthesia machine, one unit vaporizer, one set disposable breath circuit, one unit reservior bag, one unit O2 gas source pipeline.

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