How to Solve Common Problems With Windows Operating Systems

Windows has produced over 10 operating systems that have become very significant in today's world. Although many of the OS versions are already rendered obsolete, most computer users still prefer Windows operating system due to numerous convenient reasons.
Windows 10 is the latest OS that Microsoft has to offer. This program was officially introduced in September of last year and was then released for consumers last July 29, 2015. This Windows software is offered for free for users who are currently using authentic and eligible Windows 7 and 8 editions. Windows 10 is described as an improved version of the old Windows 7 where users will be able to enjoy its easy to understand features and functionalities. This latest Windows OS is created to provide users a harmonious experience expected to result in fewer instances or none at all of internal glitch or problems.
However, as much as Microsoft would want to do away with these issues, Windows 10 users have already reported a few problems with this new operating system. What's good is that just like any Windows related problem; there are easy solutions that users can follow.
Prevalent Windows 10 Problems and Solutions
Windows Installation Problem
There are instances when Windows 10 users may experience installation problems accompanied by a pop-up message that says "Something happened." The only option for users experiencing this error is to close the window so the installation will be terminated. It has been reported that the issue will occur when the user would choose to create an ISO or when they are using a burned USB or DVD while installing Windows 10. So before you install Windows 10, check the Language and R
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