Keypad Door Entry Systems: What Are Their Benefits For Property Owners?

Keyless locks like the keypad door entry bring numerous benefits and advantages compared to conventional locks with physical keys. Their more durable and possibly the most convenient type of lock to have especially if you need to give multiple individuals access to your property. Listed below are more detailed points explaining the different benefits and advantages property owners can get if they decide to install keypad locks.

Visual deterrence

Intruders, thieves, or burglars are mostly intimidated by electric locks like the keypad door entry. Visual deterrents such as CCTV cameras, security systems, and light sensors discourage criminals and possible intruders, but they would also be deterred from breaking into your building if they see keyless electronic locks on your premises. Many offenders are opportunists who search for poor locks and open windows to gain easy and fast access to buildings. If anyone walks by your building and notices valuable equipment inside, they can search for weak entry points. On the other hand, electronic door locks are keyless. They require a card, code, or fingerprint – making them much more difficult to break into than mechanical locks that require a key. Criminals will be scared off by this and will be much more likely to target a different building with a weaker protection system, particularly because they will be uncertain what awaits them on the other side of the door.

Time scheduled locks

Today, most electronic door locks automatically lock when you shut the door, meaning that you do not have to rely on employees to remember to lock the door after themselves. There is no risk of the door being left open. The door access keypad protects your business and helps significantly in keeping unwanted individuals from entering your property. There may be times when you need to leave work early, in which case employees have to lock up the building when they leave. One easy mistake, such as forgetting to lock the door or incorrectly closing up the building, can result in a criminal having easy access to your building without even having to break-in. Installing electronic door locks eliminates the risk of human error. It ensures that the door to your building is always firmly locked and your equipment is protected without having to lock up with a key manually.

Added security 

A door access keypad would make property owners feel more secure since conventional locks cannot provide the same security as keypad locks. Automatic lock systems remove the potential safety concerns that come with keyed entry. There is a significantly lower possibility of burglars picking or forcing entry with automatic locks.

More control 

If you own a business with high turnover or are constantly lending your keys to house sitters, switching to keyless locks is necessary. You’ll possess more control and manage the people who have access to your building easier and effortlessly by using a door access control keypad. Automated locks ensure that nobody, aside from those of your choosing, will have the ability to enter your home. There is no more need to worry about who still has a set of working keys to your property.


Standard locks and physical keys do not have the state-of-the-art features of a door access control keypad. You can customise the exact level of protection that is right for you. Whether that is cylindrical latches, deadbolts, dead latches or mortises, keyless locks enable the user to choose what is best.

The convenience of a keyless system

Convenience is the most notable advantage of having a keypad lock. They work just like an ATM, where you need to punch in your secret code combination to lock or unlock the doors. One no longer needs to worry about misplacing their keys since the homeowner can share the security code with many people.

Enhanced home security

The state of the art technology of the security locks makes it impossible for intruders to break into your home. People would not have to be anxious anymore thinking about having their keys end up with individuals who have bad intentions. When you have a keypad lock at your home, anyone wishing to enter will need to know the security code.

Changeable entry codes

You can easily change the security combination of your keypad lock whenever you feel like unwarranted people know the security code. In addition, if you are shifting or renting your property, you do not need to change the locks; all you need to do is notify your tenants of the access code.


Keypad locks are designed to be very durable. Unlike traditional locks, they never get worn out or malfunction. These locks don’t need to sustain the constant friction of turning and inserting keys makes it a much more durable option. When it comes to security, convenience and ease of use, nothing can beat the advantages that a keypad lock has to offer.

Overall, a keypad door entry would be more beneficial to have than conventional locks. By installing keypad locks, giving access to numerous individuals would be very easy since everyone would only need to know the security combination code and each would not need to own a physical key. This makes everything more convenient.

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