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While good music will always sell, it is not enough to be marketed. The right nudging can lead to great things for a musician's career. Music promotion is not about getting more followers. It's more about getting more real fans. Although it's true that you need more fans to promote your music, if not taking the time to reach out to new fans you will only end up playing to those who are passionate about what you do. This is why the industry exists.

There are two main types for music promotion services. Organic growth simply refers to the promotion of your talent through word-of-mouth. You can do this in many ways, including playing gigs at local bars or clubs, mailing CD copies to fans and performing at smaller events. This promotion can help you grow your fan base and expand your reach. This type of marketing can draw people in who might not otherwise be interested in your music. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Another way to promote your music is by partnering with record labels. Labels work with talented people who have an interest in your music and the industry in general. Instead of directly contacting fans, these affiliates (sometimes known as PR agents) help you market yourself and your music. An example might be a band that isn't really popular but has great potential if they release a song in a popular genre. A PR agent can help promote you and your band to increase exposure and hopefully gain more fans.

Other music promotion services are focused more on social media. Now, it seems that any kind of music promotion service these days has its own dedicated twitter account and Facebook page. Not all of them are solely focused on social media. Some bands may attempt to gain new fans by posting links on their videos to social media sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. While this may help to quickly spread their music, it doesn’t necessarily give them the broad base of fans that record companies and publishers seek.

Other music promotion services center around YouTube. YouTube is still widely used for music promotion. YouTube videos that don't gain much popularity or attention have been created by many artists and some recording companies. In fact, fake YouTube music videos have helped many relatively unknown artists make huge name for themselves. Make sure you choose the right music promotion service to market your music and yourself online.

One of the best music promotion services online today is Promo Me, which is run by two guys from New Zealand. Promo Me targets indie music fans and promotes their music for indie-music promotions. To promote indie artists and other musicians in the music business, the company uses a four-tier approach. The band receives a free mp3 of their album.

Next, the company provides a range of unique digital music promotion and marketing services for the band. These services include the creation of a playlist that contains similar songs that listeners are likely to enjoy. Listeners can then download the playlist and listen to the songs on radio stations all over the country. Finally, the Promo Me team adds up radio spots on various internet sites. The company works tirelessly to make sure that every song is played on at least 20 radio stations.

This company is completely legit, they offer four different levels of promotions ranging from one dollar to four dollars. A professional press kit will be available for bands to upload so that interested parties can review the music and determine how they fit into the music business. All in all, this music promotion service is among the best available.

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