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What is the difference between online learning and offline learning? 

Online learning was not a thing in this world, but this is a new concept that has been created due to the rise of the pandemic called Covid 19 and it has taken more than a million lives already worldwide, and it just keeps on coming in waves until there is a perfect solution that is found out for that particular virus the people of every country have been told to stay at their home, and they are only allowed to leave their house if they want to take some groceries from the market, and they want something for their house which will make it look good and also give hope to the people that they can survive this virus outbreak whatever happens.

The thing in online learning is that the teacher will have to either take the class of the students on their phones, laptops, PC or their tablets which they have to buy if they want to conduct online classes where they will have to use their camera, and they also need to have a good internet connection and a good microphone so that the students in your class will hear everything clearly and this will help them to learn everything very quickly, and there will not be any kind of communication gap between them. In the offline classes, the students and the teacher need to be present in class so that the teacher can teach them the concept face to face, and this is the best way that they can ensure no communication gap is left between the teacher and also the student as in this method there is much more time the, and here you can ask your doubts immediately in the offline classes rather than the online one as it takes time for the student to say the question and then due to some technical problem the request is not transferred to the teacher correctly.

This means that there is a much more problem in online learning or teaching rather than offline ones, and if you see the interviews that have been taken for the teacher, they even suggest offline teaching because they can keep a clear vision on the thing which the teaching is telling them and if there is any kind of problem or mistake it can be rectified. Here is the link to a website that you can use to get information on different things

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