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List Of Signs That You Need To Replace Your Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle batteries power up all the electrical components and engine of a bike. These release a surge of energy when your motorcycle starts then recharges as you drive. Just like any vehicle batteries, a motorcycle battery isn’t eternal. So they will eventually run out of juices, and that’s when you need to replace it immediately to keep your vehicle running again.   

Most often, a motorcycle battery can last up to five years, depending on the weather conditions and road trip activities you do. But usually, once they reach the end of their standard lifespan, you will start to notice some minor to major issues. Some may just ignore these signs, but it’s important that you look out for such as this may call for some immediate replacement done. To give you an idea, below are some of these signs.

Low charge

If there is a little charge on the battery, the horn will sound weaker, and the headlights wouldn’t be as bright as before, plus some things may work while others don't. If it’s completely dead, the motorbike is going nowhere, so make sure you buy a new small motorcycle battery.

Bad stator

A motorcycle battery can be dead because the stator has not been recharging it. In this case, jumping the battery won't last long because the charge will drain again quickly. You may need to shop for a new stator.

It is more than four years old

Batteries have a finite life, so try to keep track of when your last battery was installed. You may look for the date stamp on your battery for this. Good preventative maintenance is simply to buy the best motorcycle battery UK wide when your old one gets close to the end of its serviceable life.

Sited for long

A small motorcycle battery can lose about 1% of its charge per day when not run. Hence, if you have been regularly letting your vehicle sit for long periods without running it, you might want to check its condition immediately. There’s a big possibility that it is now dead or not as operational as before. In case you start the engine again, and it didn’t make a sound, then you may need to replace it with a new one.

Uncertain millimetre readings

A millimetre measures different electrical parameters, such as current, voltage or resistance, and motorcycle owners should own one. You can use the millimetre to check the reading of the battery regularly. If you get readings below 12volts, something is probably wrong with your battery, as 12volts signifies a perfectly functional battery.

Failing horn and lights

Among the most important parts of your motorbike are your lights and horn as these will help you alert other drivers of your presence on the road. If your motorcycle's battery is beginning to fail, then one of the most obvious signs of this could be that the horn and lights begin to fade. If you are riding your motorcycle at night and notice that your headlights are not putting out as much power or covering less of a range than they used to, it may be time to buy a new motorcycle battery. It's likely that the volume of your horn will also be affected, so be alert to the sound next time you use it.

Bulging battery case

Extreme weather–including both hot and freezing temperatures–can cause the battery case to swell up. As a result, the battery inside the case ends up dying and needs to be replaced. This is one battery issue that is easy to notice, so it’s better to check this as soon as you can. If it has a bulging battery case, be sure to buy motorcycle batteries UK wide.

Odd smell

If there is a strange smell coming from your motorcycle, it could be due to motorcycle batteries UK problem. This may smell like a rotten egg due to the leaking. Not only does this issue require a new battery, but it could also affect other engine components since sulphuric acid that leaks from the battery can quickly corrode parts.

While a motorcycle battery may not last forever, you can always acquire a quality one that can last longer than the normal lifespan. This also includes proper maintenance and good restoration. Most people may not know the right time to replace their batteries, but it’s always better to be knowledgeable enough to know this. So make sure that you keep all of these signs in your mind, and buy a new motorcycle battery replacement once you see signs of deterioration. By doing so, you can avoid getting stranded in unfamiliar places simply due to a dead battery

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