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Internal server error is mainly caused by the wrong password of iwam account. This error indicates that the IIS server can't parse the ASP code. If there is no problem in accessing a static page, it should be analyzed in the following situations: ① have you ever changed the computer name. ② Whether the file directory where the site is located has custom security properties. ③ Whether the domain policy is adjusted after the domain controller is installed. If this is one of the cases, please set the changed parameters one by one to see if the problem is solved. If the static space cannot be accessed, the resolution has not yet taken effect.

Chinese name 500 error foreign name 500 error main reason due to the password error of iwam account common error prompt 500 server Error 1 common tips 2 tips 3 solutions ? Introduction ? Settings ? synchronization Select 4 related supplements Edit the most common error prompt: 500server error Edit is mainly due to iwam account (or iwam account)_ The wrong password of the Myserver account results in an internal error in HTTP 500. [1] before analyzing the causes of http500 internal errors in detail, this paper gives a brief introduction to iwam account: iwam account is a built-in account automatically established by the system when iis5 is installed, which is mainly used to start internet information services of applications outside the process. The name of iwam account will vary according to the name of NetBIOS of each computer. The common format is iwam_ Machine, that is, by "iwam" prefix, connecting line "" Plus the NetBIOS name of the computer. For example: suppose my computer's NetBIOS name is Myserver, then the name of iwam account on my computer is iwam_ Myserver, which is similar to the IIS anonymous account isur_ The way machine is named is very similar. After the iwam account is established, it is used by active directory, IIS metabase database and COM + application. The account password is saved by the three parties respectively, and the operating system is responsible for the synchronization of the iwam password saved by the three partiesMake. According to common sense, we can rest assured that the operating system is responsible for the work, and we don't have to worry about errors. However, we don't know whether it's a bug or some other reason. Sometimes, the system fails to synchronize the password of iwam account, which makes the passwords of three iwam accounts inconsistent. When IIS or COM + applications log in to the system with wrong iwam password and start IIS out of process pooled applications, the system will reject the request because of wrong password, which leads to the failure of starting IIS out of process pooled applications. That is to say, in id10004 error event, we can see that the server {3d14228d-fbe1-11d0-995d-00c04fd919c1} cannot run ”(here {3d14228d-fbe1-11d0-995d-00c04fd919c1} is the key of IIS out of process pooled applications). It can't be transferred to iis5 aws self signed certificate application, so the HTTP 500 internal error is generated.

The editor knows the cause of the internal error of HTTP 500, and the solution is relatively simple, that is, manually synchronize the iwam account in active directory and IIS metabasE database and COM + application. The specific operation is divided into three steps, all of which need to log on to the computer as an administrator to provide sufficient operation authority (iwam account is iwam account)_ Myserver, for example).

Change iwam in Active Directory_ The password of Myserver account is randomly generated because the password of iwam account is controlled by the system. We don't know what it is. In order to complete the following two steps of password synchronization, we must set the password of iwam account to a value we know. 1. Select Start > programs > Administrative Tools > active directory users and computers to start the active directory users and computers snap in. 2. Click user and select iwam on the right_ Myserver ", right-click to select" reset password (T)... ", and give iwam the password in the reset password opposite box_ Myserver sets a new password. Here we set it to "a boutnt2001" (without quotation marks). Confirm and wait for the password to be modified successfully.

Synchronization of iwam in IIS metabase_ The password of Myserver account may be too sensitive and important because of this change. Microsoft did not modify iwam in IIS metabase for us_ Myserver account password provides aws d 17.1 an explicitUser interface, only one management script is provided with iis5 adsutil.vbs This script is located in the subdirectory C: inetpub: ADM scripts (the location may change depending on the settings when you install iis5). adsutil.vbs The script is powerful, with many parameters and complex usage. only this script can be used to modify iwam_ Myserver account password method: adsutil set W3SVC / wamuserpass password "password" parameter is the new password of the iwam account to be set. Therefore, we will use iwam in IIS metabase_ The command to change the password of Myserver account to "about nt2001" is: C: / / inetpub / adminscripts > adsutil set W3SVC / wamuserpass "about nt2001" after the modification is successful, the system will have the following prompt: wamuserpass: (string) "about nt2001" synchronize iwam used by COM + application_ Iwam used by Myserver password synchronization COM + application_ There are two ways to choose the password of Myserver: one is to use the component service MMC snap in,The other is to use iwam account to synchronize scripts ynciwam.vbs . 1. Use the component services MMC snap in (1) start the component services snap in: Select Start > Run > MMC, start the management console, open the add / remove snap in dialog box, and add the component services snap in. (2) Find Component Services > Computer > My Computer > COM + Applications > out of process pooled applications, and right-click out of process pooled Applications > properties. (3) Switch to the flags tab of the out of process pooled applications properties dialog box. "This user" will be selected in the "this application runs under the following accounts" selection, and the user name is "iwam"_ MYSERVE R”。 These are all default and do not need to be changed. Enter the correct password "about nt2001" in the "password" and "confirm password" text boxes below to confirm exit. (4) If the system prompts "the application is created by more than one external product". Are you sure you want to be supported by these products? " It can be determined when the time is up. (5) If we set the "application protection" of some other web to "high (independent)" in IIS, thenThe iwam account and password of the COM + application used by the web also need to be synchronized. Repeat steps (1) - (4) to synchronize the iwam account password of other corresponding out of process application. 2. Using iwam account to synchronize scripts synciwam.vbs In fact, Microsoft has found that there is a problem with iwam account password synchronization so in the management script of iis5, a separate script is written for iwam account password synchronization synciwam.vbs This script is located in the subdirectory of C: (inetpub) adminscripts (the location may change according to the settings when you install iis5). synciwam.vbs Script usage is relatively simple: cscript synciwam.vbs [- V | - H] "- V" parameter shows the whole process of script execution in detail (recommended), "- H" parameter is used to show simple help information. We need to synchronize iwam_ The password of Myserver account in COM + application, only needs to execute "cscript" synciwam.vbs -This is as follows: cscript C: inetpub: adminscripts\ synciwam.vbs -vMicrosoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6版权所有(C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2000。保留所有权利。WamUserName:IWAM_MYSERVERWamUserPass:Aboutnt2001IIS Applications Defined:Name, AppIsolated, Package IDw3svc, 0, {3D14228C-FBE1-11d0-995D-00C04FD919C1}Root, 2,IISHelp, 2,IISAdmin, 2,IISSamples, 2,MSADC, 2,ROOT, 2,IISAdmin, 2,IISHelp, 2,Root, 2,Root, 2,Out of process applications defined:Count: 1{3D14228D-FBE1-11d0-995D-00C04FD919C1}Updating Applications:Name: IIS Out-Of-Process Pooled Applications Key: {3D14228D-FBE1-11D0-995D-00C04FD919C1} As you can see from jayendrapatil aws cheat sheet the execution of the above script, using synciwam.vbs Scripts are more comprehensive and faster than component services. It first finds the iwam account "iwam" from the metabase database of IIS_ Then find all the defined IIS applications and out of process applications, and synchronize the iwam account password of each out of process application one by one. Use synciwam.vbs When scripting, you should pay attention to one problem, that is, when you run the script synciwam.vbs Before that, you must ensure that the iwam password in IIS metabase database and active directory is consistent. because synciwam.vbs The script obtains the password of iwam account from IIS metabase database instead of active directory. If the password in IIS metabase is incorrect, it will be invalid synciwam.vbs The password obtained will also be incorrect. When the synchronization operation is executed to "updating applications", the system will report 80110414 error, that is, "application {3d14228d-fbe1 cannot be found"-11D0-995D- 00C04FD919C1}”。

Edit 500 server internal error. 500.11 server error: the application on the web server is shutting down. 500.12 server error: the application on the web server is restarting. 500.13 server error: the web server is too busy. 500.14 server error: invalid application configuration on server. 500.15 server error: direct request not allowed GLOBAL.ASA . 500.16 server error: the UNC authorization credentials are incorrect. 500.17 server error: URL authorization store cannot be found. 500.18 server error: URL authorization store cannot be opened. 500.19 server error: the data of this file is not configured correctly in the configuration database. 500.20 server error: URL authorization domain cannot be found.

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