Nitrile Examination Gloves

Be latex sensitive with Nitrile Examination gloves

We all know for a fact that nitrile gloves are manufactured using acrylonitrile butadiene rubber which do not have latex proteins. These are ideal for those are not comfortable with latex. nitrile examination gloves replace latex gloves in the right manner and they are ideal. The thickness and quality is perfect. These are available in both lined as well as unlined qualities. The nitrile rubber is also known as NBR or Perbunan and even Buna N. With a whole plethora of varieties available, it is but natural that we choose nitrile over any other quality.

NBR is a family of unsaturated copolymers of various butadiene monomers and unsaturated copolymers. The chemical and physical properties vary depending on the polymer’s composition and the polymer also extends excellent resistance to chemicals, oil and fuel. The NBR also is a very useful material for manufacturing disposable lab, examination gloves and cleaning. The recent improvised form of NBR is the XNBR. The gloves are thrice more resistant to puncture as compared to latex rubber gloves. The nitrile gloves also extend protection from oils and solvents and are ideal for protection from punctures, cut and abrasion. It is important to note that needles are the most common way of blood borne pathogens getting transmitted. These include B virus, HIV, hepatitis C virus and hence health care professionals generally use these nitrile gloves.

Another important arena where this website are used are the cleaning room gloves. Nitrile also is not subject to shedding and also it does to attract residual chemicals. The gloves can be readily sterilised by irradiation without the quality getting affected whatsoever. These are the most common gloves used in research labs and cleanrooms.

Nitrile is a clean material which is not subject to shedding and hence stands toughest standards. Accelerators are chemicals which are used in nitrile gloves and they are used in rapid vulcanisation of the film, these are also responsible for many of the positive characteristics of the glove which includes barrier performance, elasticity and strength. Many people are allergic to the material used in gloves and they attract a condition called as dermatitis. Accelerator free gloves is the need of the hour since they follow high standards of hygiene.

Biodegradable disposable gloves are yet another option. Regular nitrile gloves are also resistant to mechanical stress, moisture, light and heat. These gloves are manufactured using eco-friendly technology.

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