Chracteristics of Adults Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a bone problem that can be suffered by young children and adults. In fact, sometimes this problem is only discovered as an adult in some people. Changes in the spinal curve in people with scoliosis usually occur so slowly that many people do not realize they have scoliosis. And, only found out after scoliosis occurred worse. For that, you may need to pay attention to any changes in the bone, especially the spine. It is better to know what are the characteristics of scoliosis.

What are the characteristics of scoliosis in adults?

Scoliosis is there a change in the curve of the spine into a curve like the letter C or S. This usually occurs at a mild level and does not affect your appearance and health. However, over time scoliosis can also get worse. In fact, it can cause you to experience back pain and other health problems.

For that, you should know what are the characteristics of scoliosis before scoliosis is found to be quite severe.

The characteristics of scoliosis in children

Scoliosis in children usually appears between the ages of 8-10 years. The characteristics of scoliosis in children can be different, even some children with scoliosis may not show any characteristics. These characteristics can be more clearly seen along with the child's growth. The following are the characteristics of children with scoliosis:

The shoulders are not the same height

One child's hips look taller than the other

His head was seen not in the middle of the body

The child's ribs were pushed out

When the child stands, his arms do not hang right next to his body

When children bend forward, both sides of their backs have different heights

The characteristics of scoliosis in adults

Apart from childhood, scoliosis can also occur in adolescence to adulthood. As we get older, wear can damage bones and joints in the spine. This makes the disc that is between the spine begins to damage. The bone plate then loses height and begins to tilt, causing your spine to become warped.

The characteristics of scoliosis in adults are:

One shoulder and / or hip is higher than the other

Pain, numbness, and weakness in the legs

There is a change in gait because the hips are not parallel. This can cause muscles to tire more quickly.

Difficult to stand tall

Shortness of breath, because curved bones can compress the available space for the lungs and make breathing more difficult

Chest pain , curved bones can also press on the heart so that it can inhibit the heart's work in pumping blood throughout the body

Height decreased, because the bones are curved and can not be upright

There are bone spurs, where bones meet each other in the spinal joint due to bone and joint damage

Feeling full quickly, due to the curvature of the spine pressing against the stomach

Scoliosis in adults also often causes back pain. Back pain can occur because damage to the spine puts pressure on the nerves, causing the nerves to become weak and numb. Besides back pain, scoliosis can also cause pain in the ribs, neck pain , muscle spasms, and abdominal pain.

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