What Can Instagramm Teach You About HOW TO DOWNLOAD ISTAGRAM STORIES

Sharing your day-to-day life is made easier with the well-known Instagram stories. This is the reason why Instagram has become one of the major social media websites. However there’s one drawback in utilizing Instagram. You're not permitted to save stories. Not having the option of saving the stories you posted, you will lose them after 24 hours since stories have gone live. In case you have an interest in keeping your Instagram stories we are going to share a few methods (published on storiesdown.com) on how to download Instagram stories along with you.

Download Instagram stories of an entire day
Here we give you all the important steps which are required to save your Instagram stories for an entire day that you can later on view whenever you would like to in the future. The video file might not be saved separately. Still, it’s far better this way than possessing no copy at all

To get the ball rolling, first head to the “Your Story” icon in the top left corner of your feed. Immediately after clicking that icon, Three small dots can be found. Tap it to find out many choices. There are choices available. Select the “Save” option and simply click “Save Story” afterward. Time will be necessary to render your video, just be patient and you will then see the video later on your Camera Roll..


Download Instagram Stories One by One

The previous procedure above is still required here. Bear in mind the Save option part? This is actually the part where one can start the procedure of downloading clips individually rather than the only one whole video. It’s opposite to the above technique and it’s easy to do. On the Save button options, select Save Video, not the Save Story option. This will enable you to focus on a single moment or photo instead of saving the whole day. If you are successful in saving just one clip, you later view it in your collections of Pictures or Camera Roll.

Download Stories from Other Instagram Users

It's rather easy to download stories from other accounts as long as you rely on a third-party site. These sites have the same functionality and features. It’s you who will choose which of them to make use of. Eventually though, why you would like to download Instagram stories from somebody else is basically not our business.

Here's how to download using a third party website

Based on what are the necessary input of these third-party sites, copy either the username or perhaps the URL profile of the Instagram account owner of the stories. Open in your browser the url of the third party site you have picked. Scroll down the listing of clips and pick which clip to download. Upon choosing, simply click and select "Save link as" then select the destination folder of your choice in order to save on it your computer.

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