What is cockfighting?

Cockfighting can also be called a blood sport because here there are different breeds of chickens and also birds that take place in fighting with each other and they will give the main winning prize, and the trophy to that bird and its trainer who has won the competition by defeating everyone or every bird that has come in their way and the way of winning the match is that the person cock should hit the other person cock, and this will be considered as a point for the person whose bird has just hit the other bird and then so on it goes https://talpakan.ph.
They can either win by getting the most amount of points than the other team, or else they can win by a knockout which means that if the other person's bird is knocked unconscious by the other bird.

This kind of animal fighting has been going on in the world or at least in Asia for a very long time and in most of the countries that are present in Asia some of them believe it as a ritual and they follow it blindly without giving it a second thought on what could happen to the bird or to their trained themselves because this is a very dangerous sports and it can also sometimes be personal revenge that is being taken by the people because they want to defeat the champion bird and become the new champion and due to this reason sometime the people also cheat and do different kind of things like they even put more than one blade on their bird just that they can do extra damage to the other bird and this can cause them to earn more point and win as there are many cheater like this and this is why the people have appointed a referee who will check all the birds thoroughly to check if they have been attached with anything else rather than the normal blade or steel nail that has been given to them by the match organizers.

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