Basic shots involved in different styles of playing badminton

The game of badminton is played typically with three different styles that include various types of shots and strokes. Players usually mix up two of the three styles to surprise their opponent. This makes it more difficult to have all the knowledge about all the shots involved. The tree styles of playing badminton are aggressive style, defensive style and deceptive style. If you play badminton then you must know about all three of them and if you do not then you probably know about the aggressive style or the shots involved in it. The most basic shots involved in the aggressive style of playing badminton are smashes, clears, net play etc. the aggressive style is usually played from the back court. This is one of the most tiring badminton styles as it requires power and it requires the player to be fast. To play badminton with this style a player will need a lot of stamina and endurance for all three sets of the game. The other style is the defensive style this style consists of rather plain and simple badminton shots which lead to continuous and consistent rallies. This style is adapted for the main reason of tiring the opponent out to win a point. The serves in this style are rather higher than the normal ones. This style is rather simple but it is important to note that how to tire out your opponent can be tricky and to master this style you need to understand that very well. The deceptive style of playing badminton is fast and tricky you need to learn all the tricky shots to play badminton in this style. The shots in this style of playing badminton are more angled and steeper than normal shots. This style is mainly used to surprise the opponent with unexpected shots and strokes. Playing any style with any one of the style would require a lot of hard work and skills. You would also need proper guidance and equipments and the most important equipments would be a proper court, shuttle cock and a badminton racket that suits your ability and compliment your chosen style of playing badminton.
You might think that playing with o0ne style can be easy but your opponent can easily judge with what style you are playing can easily defeat you with the counter shots of the strokes you use against your opponent. That is why it is also important that you mix two of the styles among the three styles to surprise and distract your opponent in order to win a point against them. There are many factors that play important role in determining your style. If you are a beginner you has just started learning about the games and understanding all the techniques and strategies then you should start with a badminton racket with an even balance as to make you comfortable. This also helps in determining what you are comfortable with and you will need in the future. If you are an aggressive player then you would need a head-heavy racket. If you like playing in doubles then a lightweight racket would be perfect for you. Keep in mind these factors next time you go out to buy a badminton racket.

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