Khanapara Teer Result Today Number

We are the leading tir result provider for the north-east archery of India. The table shows latest Assam teer result here. You can utilize this for checking current scores of this region. It’s a most popular area for Khanapara teer result game which is highly in demand.

The Khanapara game’s timing is revised. The new timing for FR result is now to 3:45 PM and for SR its 4:30. Starting from this year the game will begin 1 hour early. Therefore there is change in result announcement timing also. You may have noticed it already. If not then let me tell you. Now we have 45 minutes gap while earlier there was only 30 minutes gap.

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Khanapara Teer Result for Today
People who are curious to know results of today’s teer for their state are always keen for the final Khanapara judgments (as well as previous results). For those who don’t know about this. It’s an bow and arrow game in which getting success is golden dreams for people living in Northeast India.

In the Khanapara teer, players are always eager to improve their game to score better. The results of Guwahati archery are given above for you. You can also see the full list of previous results here.

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