The keys to properly (re) organize your real estate agency

Do you prefer to have a well-managed real estate agency, which delivers concrete results - or an agency that goes wrong, where everyone does what they want, and nothing good comes out of?

As the other would say, "the question is quickly answered".

Whether you are independent or franchisee , managing a real estate agency is far from easy. But there are methods to administer your business with pragmatism, take control of your organization, and start a virtuous circle of prospecting-marketing-taking on mandates .

Today, we give you the keys to (re) organize your real estate agency , and thus prepare your return to school as it should!

1. Be on the lookout for market developments and your customers' expectations

The real estate market is not static: it is changing. Consequently, the ecosystem in which your real estate agency operates is bound to change, with often noticeable effects on the way you manage your business. One day, you may have a monopoly on your sector; the next day, you can lose market share in the face of more daring competitors, better adapted to new realities, or simply less expensive (like low cost agencies ).

The same is true of customers, whose expectations and needs tend to change. Your communication channels and your marketing actions will not always be in phase with them.

In reality, it's not that complicated to stay up to date: it's all about organization . You need to be on the lookout for changes, have a rigorous industry and market watch in place, and never hesitate to jump on the bandwagon if you think it is headed in the right direction. You can never be sure of the outcome, but what is certain is that a stagnant real estate agency is likely to be left behind.

2. Learn to manage your time well

Hyderabad real estate agency organization starts with good time management. There is no question of letting yourself be carried away and waiting for things to happen: you have to (re) become an actor in your business, take things in hand. For this, there is no secret: it is essential to plan, plan, plan .

You must block time slots in your schedule for the performance of daily tasks - prospecting, relationship, visits, paperwork, etc. Organize regular team points to distribute tasks. And plan as much as possible in advance, for example on Friday for the whole following week.

Keep in mind that unforeseen events represent about 20% of a working day . However, it can seem frustrating to foresee 100 things and to realize only 80 of them. It is thus important to take into account the contingencies and to organize your day so as to be able to absorb these 20% without questioning the rest of the tasks .

3. Identify any malfunctions and correct them immediately

For lack of time, or simply for optimism, we tend to underestimate the seriousness of the dysfunctions within a system. But a problem, even a seemingly trivial one, must be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as possible, at the risk of becoming more and more serious and insoluble ... and endangering your business.

Get used to identifying the dysfunctions and concerns that can strain your efforts , whether they are internal to your real estate agency or external. Organizational, operational, financial, human problems… All of them deserve to be taken care of without delay.

To take stock, use the SWOT method: this aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Warangal real estate agency , then to identify the opportunities and threats relating to the ecosystem in which you operate . This will allow you to keep an eye on what is wrong and make the right decisions to prevent a given situation from escalating.

4. Challenge your real estate agency prospecting and marketing strategies to always be one step ahead of your competition

The prospecting and marketing are the pillars of your business: the first allows you to find sellers prospects, the second aims to launch communication campaigns to convince them to confide in goods (and, later, once the transaction concluded, to tell their community about you). Your real estate agency must therefore be organized around these two pillars.

An effective way to operate is to constantly challenge your prospecting and marketing methods , in order to adapt them to the expectations of prospects and to stay one step ahead of your competitors. The saying "the best soups are made in old pots" does not necessarily apply to the world of commerce: even if it is relevant to rely on certain fundamentals (the importance of relationships, quality of the argument), it is nevertheless essential to be open to innovations.

Take prospecting: the latest approaches (like inbound prospecting ) and the most innovative tools (like real estate marketing software ) help optimize the effectiveness of sales prospecting sessions by leveraging data local . These help better take into account customer needs and the implementation of relevant follow-up of prospects.

Ditto for marketing. Without it, it is simply impossible to enter qualitative mandates. You must develop relevant and personalized actions , in order to reach your audience, promote your services, follow your prospects and support them through to the end. You must also pamper your existing customers who can become your ambassadors.

And that is a whole organization to review… But an organization that will change (for the better) the face of your real estate agency!

. Learn to delegate and ask for advice

As a real estate agent / agency manager, you are tempted to shoulder the responsibilities on your own and do everything on your own.

Obviously, that's not a good way to operate, because you can't manage everything, take charge of everything, take charge of everything. You absolutely have to delegate to your employees , and leave them as much leeway as possible to take initiatives and be proactive. This will allow you to free up your schedule and ease your mind. Try to think about an organization for your real estate agency that draws on the combined talents and wills of your negotiators, for increased efficiency.

At the same time, don't hesitate to seek external advice when you are unsure, unsure of yourself, or think your business processes can be improved. No shame: if there is an expert in a specific field around you, why not take advantage of his insight? You could learn valuable lessons from it, and thus optimize your business . For example, Facilogi provides training to support professionals in their use of its digital tools dedicated to real estate: this is the best way to use said tools to 100% of their capacity.

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