Installing Your Own Security Alarm System

Many people are searching for information on how to install an alarm system in their own home or place of business. There is little information available to the Do It Yourself consumer, when it comes to the processes and methods of the pros. The Experts Know! Alarms, is a consumer advocate site that has many insightful articles and information about Security Alarm Systems.
Let's take a peek inside a professional installer's toolbox, and see what they keep on hand to get the job done properly.
1 Dropcloth
1 6-8' Ladder
1 Toolbox
1 Tool Pouch or Apron with Pockets
Power Drill
Heavy Duty Extension Cord
Cordless Drill
Drill Bit Small Set
Drill Bit 3/8" x 5"
Drill Bit 3/8" x 18"
Drill Bit 3/8" x 72" (Bell Hangers or Flex Bit)
AT-T25 Stapler & Staples
22G. Stranded 2 Conductor wire (500-1000 Ft.)
22G. Stranded 4 Conductor wire (500-1000 Ft.)
18G. Solid 2 Conductor wire (For Fire Devices)
1 Roll Black UL Listed Electrical Tape
1 Roll Light Color UL Listed Electrical Tape
1 Pair 5" Diagonal Cutters
1 Pair Wire Strippers
1 Cordless Soldering Iron
1 Roll Solder
1 Box B Connects (Goobers) Silicone Filled
1 Pack Small Tie Wraps
1 Steel Fish Tape
1 Wire Coat Hanger (for fishing)
1 Green Flexible Grab Stick
1 Multimeter with Test Tone
1 Stud Finder
1 Box # 6 Wall Anchors
1 Box # 6 x 1/2" Screws
1 Box # 6 x 1" Screws
2 Large Butterfly Wall Anchors
1 Container of Dap
1 Pry Bar for Molding Removal
1 Small Paint Brush
1 Small Can Pure White Paint
1 Phillips Head Screwdriver
1 Flat Head Screwdriver
1 Micro Flat Head Screwdriver
1 Flashlight
1 Pack Extra Flashlight Batteries
1 Bubble Level
1 Drop Cloth
1 Vacuum
1 Dust Buster
3 Clean Rags
1 Telephone Test Set
1 Tone Generator & Tone Finder
1 Single Edge Razor Scraper
1 Sharpie Marker

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