A virtual reality experience.

"Letzte Worte" (engl. "Last Words") is the Master's thesis project of Matthias Patscheider, Bianca Zankl and me. It is a Virtual Reality Story Experience designed for the HTC Vive. It was made with the Unreal Engine and is available for free on Steam.

I was responsible for the graphic and audio design. Furthermore, I wrote all dialogues and created all graphic assets, like book covers, handwritten notes or kids drawings. For the drawings, I read papers on the creative expression of traumatized and abused children to reproduce this aspect in our work. The music was created by me and I directed all voice recordings as well.

The player experiences the complex relationship between the siblings Lisa and Leo from Lisa’s point of view. After the suicide of her younger brother, Lisa has to cope with feelings of guilt which she cannot understand. Looking for the reason of the suicide and for relief of her feelings of guilt, Lisa faces her own past and explores it through an abstract dreamworld. 
Located within it are important places from her childhood, like the parenting house or the treehouse. The player learns more and more about the childhood memories of the siblings and the trauma hidden within. After experiencing the different memories, Lisa is able to advance to the repressed trauma and face it. 

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YEAR 2019 || CATEGORY Virtual Reality, Game

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