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Independent School Exam: Understanding exam pattern and preparation 

What are Independent schools?

Independent schools are those that are not funded by the government; instead, they charge fees. Though they are registered with the government and have an elected Board of Governors, they do not necessarily follow the national curriculum. Roughly 8% of the school-going students in the UK are enrolled in over 2000 independent schools.

Understanding the Independent school exam

The 11 plus exams for independent schools are conducted and evaluated by the schools themselves. Like a GL paper, the Independent School paper covers English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning but are set at a Key Stage 2 SAT level. Additional questions are provided to those who think they can answer them. The Common Entrance at 11 Plus is spread across two days, covering English, Maths and Science.

Problem-solving is given the greatest priority in the 11 plus Maths exams of several schools. Examinees are expected to answer in a stepwise approach and analyse crucial information to answer questions. The comprehension section of the exam requires examinees to critically engage with a poem, which students often find difficult.

How to study for the Independent school exams?

Practice books can help examinees master the skills required to ace the maths section of the paper. These books should ideally contain questions whose answers are broken down in a stepwise manner to help examinees better understand how the problem has been solved, followed by practice questions.

A guide book may help examinees understand how the poems are analysed and the various tools used for the analysis. It serves as a huge confidence booster for examinees and encourages them to provide their interpretations to the poem, allowing them to view the poem from a perspective not dealt with in the guide book.

Assistance in the form of practice books and guide books help as the examinee is required to answer in a stepwise manner for maths and in a descriptive manner for English. This is also the pattern adopted by most schools for the Independent school exam. Moreover, Independent school past papers from 11 plus exam papers, which are over 100 in number, provide a vast exam experience for the examinee. The added advantage is that most of the Independent school past papers are covered by 11plusexampapers.co.uk/, and these papers also show the time spent by the candidate in each test. Questions with increasing levels of difficulty challenge students to improve their already-good performances.

The response to the Independent Schools past papers of 11 plus exam papers has been overwhelming. The parent of one of the examinees who was looking for past papers with solutions found the papers from 11 plus exam papers helpful and highly recommendable. Another parent appreciated how a question-wise analysis helped understand their approach to the exam. The Independent school past papers are assets for any examinee for the Independent school exam.

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