Essential Questions To Answer Before Getting Your Watch Serviced

You might have repeatedly read how often you need to get your watch serviced, and until now, you don’t have a definitive answer yet. Some manufacturers say you need to go to an expert every certain number of years. Online forums, on the other hand, have other ideas.
The truth is, every watch is different, and so are its owners. And you cannot just put an X number of years to get your watch serviced.

To come up with a definite answer on how often you should get your watch serviced, we have prepared a set of questions. The response to the questions will determine whether or not your watch needs service.

Let us get going with the questions.

1. Is your watch telling the right time?

A watch should run well and tell the correct time. If yours has both, there is nothing wrong with it and does not need watch service. However, if you are hearing funny noises and sound and it is not on time, it probably needs a service. But, before you rush out the door to the nearest watch repair shop, read further down the list.

2. Is the watch working?

As a watch owner, there is something you should know. There is a big difference between a watch that is working and a watch that is keeping time. A watch may tell the right time, but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing wrong with it.

As a case in point, an automatic watch is working well at keeping time, but if its automatic system is broken, something is wrong with it. Most Rolex watches have this kind of problem. It can work when you wind it, even if its automatic system is malfunctioning.

Chronograph watches can also keep good time even if their chronograph system is no longer working. When you need its chronograph functionality, that is where you need to get a watch service.

Another example is the date function of your watch. It can tell you an accurate time even if its date function is not working properly.  Even watches with other functionality like the moon phase, an alarm can run well but may not work properly. If your watch is like this, you need to get it fixed by a reliable watch repairman.

3. How old is your watch?

Another question that could give you an idea that it’s about time to bring your timepiece for that needed watch service is its age. When we say how old, that means that date of acquisition and not the date it was last serviced. If you have a preloved watch, you can check out the manufacturing date. It may take a while to answer the host of information it needs, but you’ll get it eventually.

●    Less than four years from the date of purchase - If it is still on time, you don’t have to bring it for watch service.
●    Greater than four years from the date of purchase - It is still on time, going for a watch service is optional. If you have extra money to have it serviced, then go ahead. That is a proactive way of ensuring that your watch will endure for a long time.
●    Lesser or greater than four years but not on time - You need to bring it for service ASAP. A watch that is not keeping time or running well needs the attention of an expert.


Generally, a watch that is not more than four years old should be running fine and giving the correct time. However, other factors could impact its condition, like the wearer’s activities and lifestyle. It is better to act proactively on any issues with your timepiece to keep it running in good condition for a long time.  

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