Cooking With Limited Hand Strength


Appliances Made to Ease Cooking for Arthritis patients 

Arthritis patients face difficulties in day to day activities from bathing, cooking to walking. The constant joint pains and stiff body parts makes the situation worst for them. Cooking is an unavoidable task and has to be done. People with arthritis face difficulty at every step from cooking, lifting a heavy pot to cutting and slicing the fruits and vegetables.

appliances for elderly with arthritic hands

A number of appliances are present in the market to make the kitchen chores easier for people with limited hand strength. cooking with limited hand strength is a tough nut to crack. Here is a list of some appliances that can make work in kitchen easier for people suffering from arthritis.

Fruit Slicers

Fruits are full of nutrients and tastes great but it requires some struggle to obtain the part which one can actually eat. Many people suffering from arthritis find it difficult to cut fruits and instead buy frozen pre-cut fruits which are not so good. But now a number of fruit slicers are available in the market which make the task easier as well as quicker.

Salad Cutter Bowl

Salads are amazing meal full of goodness but chopping of all the veggies by hand can be difficult as well as monotonous for people with limited hand strength. In order to solve this problem, salad cutter bowl is made in which one can cut as well as eat in one bowl making the task much easier while maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen.

Electric Jar Opener

Arthritis can make it tough to open jars due to less hand strength. Electric jar opener is a convenient tool that helps to open jars easily with very less effort.

KitchenAid Standing Mixer

Kneading dough or mixing dough is a tiresome task with a handheld mixer and it is even more difficult for people with limited hand strength. The KitchenAid Standing Mixer makes it very easy to mix and it also has other attachment such as slicer, grinder and a pasta maker too.

Sandwich Maker

Sandwiches are a common part of breakfast. A number of sandwich makers are available in the market of different brands and varieties. They take very less time and are convenient to use. They prevent from the normal sandwich making procedure, which requires a number of utensils so, it also lessen the burden of washing many utensils. One has to just keep the bread and their desired feeling.

Food choppers

A number of food choppers are available in the market which makes the chopping much easier for the people. It is a convenient tool for people with arthritis and helps them. They are available in different size and shapes in the market.

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