Video Annotation

What is video annotation? 

Video annotation is the process in which the different types of videos are given to the machine which has been given by the client of the company, and then when the video clips have been submitted and confirmed by the client, the machine will start the work, and then from the video, it will start to scan it and then it will tag the different things inside the video as it has been set inside of the programming of the machine.

These video clips can also be used as things to train the computer vision models to identify and also to detect the different objects in the video and then start to outline them and also to tag them with different colors and names according to the programming given to them.

Video annotation is a very smart process because in this the machine made by the IMerit company will be able to capture the whole video clip and then it will scan the video for all the different things that it can see and then it will also start tagging the things in the video and then once everything is done it will make a copy and put it in the edited one and then the owner of the company can send the edited file to the client. Another thing is that they start the annotating process by framing or by slowing down the video so that it can see everything clearly that is from pixel to pixel, and then it will start the process of tagging the things correctly.

There are many different challenges that you will have to face when you are ding video annotation, and the worst challenge is the speed of the video because if the video is very much fast, then there is a possibility that the machine will leave behind a dew thing and it will not be able to mark them properly.

Another thing is that the thing which they are marking should be still so that the camera of the machine can capture it properly and then tag it and another challenge is that the camera will not be able to tag the things if they are in motion, and this is why the machine will have to examine the video again using the pixel to pixel method to slow down the video, and you can click here to know more about it

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