Video annotation is the kind of service that you can take from the machine that has been built by the IMerit company and then released in the market, and the main motive of the machine is that it will take any of the video clip and then it will analyze it properly and then according to the programming it has, and due to the company run by the client it will tag and then also color outline the things that are already written in the program of the machine which makes it even more good and important for most of the people. Another thing is that the video annotation can also help in training the computer vision model, and this will help the computer or the machine to provide more accurate results for the video annotation that they are making. Another thing is that when you are doing a video annotation, there are several challenges that you need to face when you are doing the video annotation service to your client. The worst challenge that you face is that all the objects inside the video are in motion, so the machine might have a hard time finding and tagging things.

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