Pvc Gutters, Why Aren't They The Best Option?

The PVC is a derivative of plastic widely used to manufacture all kinds of things, from toys to its best-known use, water pipes, and guttering. PVC is known to be a very versatile material, easy to handle, and resistant to both water, fire, and corrosion. Still, without a doubt, its most significant advantage is its low price.

However, PVC gutters are by no means the best option in the rain gutter industry. The aluminum gutters, gutter copper, or zinc spouts are three alternatives that provide better results, especially long-term.

But why are they not the best option? We will explain it to you in detail below.

Why PVC Gutters Are Not The Best Option

They Are Not Very Resistant

Undoubtedly, this is the biggest of all the problems for which it is not recommended to install a PVC gutter in homes since they are not very resistant. Gutters should normally be resistant to sudden changes in temperature, especially the adverse conditions they may face.

However, PVC gutters quickly deteriorate in direct sunlight, strong winds, or snow, separating the parts by which they are joined or generating significant cracks, causing serious problems in the home where they are installed.

In addition to resistance, this type of material also affects the home's aesthetics since they lose color significantly over time increasing the gutter cleaning cost, a factor that does not occur in the case of, for example, aluminum gutters.

They Are Made Up Of Different Pieces

Quite the contrary to aluminum or zinc gutters, which are made in a single piece, PVC gutters are made up of the union of several different pieces. This causes two serious problems :

•    First of all, this type of gutter assembly is much slower.
•    Second, and this is the most important thing, the gutter's resistance will be less than that of a one-piece gutter.

PVC Is An Unsustainable Material

At this time, we are in the era of sustainability where the main concern is environmental pollution and climate change, which is increasing. Small actions such as acquiring gutters made of another material, such as zinc or copper, can be a way to contribute to caring for the environment and extend the life of the planet.

Polyvinyl chloride, the full name of PVC, is not biodegradable, so treating its waste is highly costly and complicated. In addition, its production poses a risk to all the people who are part of it since it releases substances that are harmful to health.

If you are thinking of installing gutters, let yourself be advised by the experts in the field, who will propose the most appropriate solution depending on the conditions of your home.


We are not trying to cast any product in the negative light, but PVC gutters are not recommended anywhere globally, even though they come cheap. Other materials used for gutter production are way better than it.

Also, using PVC gutter can skyrocket the cost of gutter repairs near me over time, which is not economically viable.

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