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With the advancement of technologies and business trends, the traditional management techniques of project management in terms of the ERP software are not so robust anymore. There is need to operate business processes by using new techniques. like - “Agile project management”.
Agile project management is a new advanced technique, that is innovated to manage the ERP project. In brief, agile project management is a term by which different new models are innovated to handle the ERP project management. Today it is a specialized area in ERP project management.
To perform agile management techniques, a different agile management team is identified to perform the different tasks. The overall management team is assigned different tasks and responsibilities which are based on the overall sense of humour for all the team members.
responsibilities for an agile manager -
implements the values among team members.
removes interruptions on the tasks and responsibilities
runs an effective and open ended communication system
makes the short term plans and activities
enhances the tools and processes to automate the system
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