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Cloud ERP is a name of technology which is a blend of the technologies like - artificial intelligence, advanced analytics & machinery algorithms. This technology can easily change the whole decision making process in an organization.
A proper ERP vendor is always necessary to be selected properly on the following criterias -
financial stability of the provider
ERP customization and personalization
localization facilities
adopting new technology changes and trends
prior customer experience
overall performance level and success level etc.
There are many topics which is important to be taken in reconsideration like - Latency reduction, Fog computing etc. Fog computing is a new era, which utilizes edge services to enter in to the cloud server architecture of an enterprise. It also controls communication, data storage and access facilities.
The overall lack of ability in the new concept of the fog computing is that the data can be stored but it can not be accessed objectively. The fog computing era is liable in both big data economics and big enterprise systems.
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