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In the early phases of erp implementation in any company, end user attitude towards the ERP project plays a very important role. Change management has a very significant role in improving the status of employee mindsets towards the ERP implementation. End user resistance can severely impact the growth of erp software.
There are many post implementation strategies like - routing, strategic decision making which are important for the continuity of the ERP software successfully in the organization. The successful implementation of the ERP software increases the internal competencies of the organization like -
strong internal working expertise and automation
enhancing the scope of functional ways
development software applications by the third party freelancers
streamlining business functionalities by reengineering
extending the ERP modules in software
It is necessary to mandate, control & operate the ERP software from the implementation phase completion. It is necessary to take the user feedback to know that the erp software is working with the proper expectations or not. It ensures the success of past, present and future investments of the company.
In every implementation of the erp software successfully in an organization, there are major changes occurred in the business internal as well external environment. To run an erp software effectively, there are always the significance of the change management as well. Training and development activities are always helpful in innovating the change management in an organization.
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