For the majority of people getting motivated is difficult. Some people get motivated easily. When the goals are within sight motivation is what drives us and hence it’s easy. Sometimes the want for achieving the objective is dire but the person does not want to take the steps to achieve it. This is the situation where getting motivated is hard. The thing everyone should remember is that motivation comes from inside and the fire could only be lit by the person himself.  Motivation is what can makes a person achieve his dreams, get it done and also make the person realize his/her ambition.


How does Motivation work?

According to leading scientists, motivation can be defined as the willingness to achieve an objective or to reach a certain goal. It involves psychological force which generates the will and further implement or takes action. 

What is the definition of Motivation?


Motivation can be defined as zeal or want to do something. It is a desire to accomplish or achieve a goal or motivation in getting things done.

 If you want to pay rent and you work as a salesperson. To make rent you have to get your sales up. The motivation, in this case, is to increase sales to pay rent. The motivation is to keep a roof over your head and achieve your goal and close a deal. The need to expand your sales or increase the sales will help the person stay motivated and also calm. 

So basically we often find motivation when driven by something. At a certain point, the activity or objective that needs to be achieved becomes harder and difficult. 


If you have been having a difficult time, struggling that is no way to live life. If that is the only situation that drives us then we would always be hanging on a cliffhanger. It could be considered as one of the ways rather than the only way to stay motivated. 

Some Misconceptions About Motivation

Something new to people is we tend to find motivation when we initiate a new behavior. People always thought that motivation is initiated from support, video, or a helpful book which is a misconception. Motivation is found when there is an action. Once we start to get it done the motivation drives us. As Newton First law states an object only tends to stay in motion. Once we start to get it done it tends to become easier to continue the activity.  The only difficult part is how to initiate the first step towards achieving an objective.  If we don’t think about the obstacles when starting an activity and keep ourselves focused motivation comes easy.For more information about motivation you can check this website:

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