Why is WordPress the Most Popular CMS Over the Years?

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Content management systems (CMS) are designed to create and manage digital content. These are helpers for those who want to manage the content of a web page. Systems are constantly being tested and improved, and this greatly simplifies your search if you are wondering which one to choose - check this list to facilitate your website development. The most popular site builders are WordPress, Wix, Unbounce, InstaPage, Landingi, and Squarespace.

InstaPage, for example, contains a heat map. This allows you to show the number of users who click on the cursor. You can also enable spam prevention. Only this resource is paid.

Getting started is the hardest part of any business. CMS makes it many times easier to create your blog or business website. WordPress is a leader in content management systems worldwide. 34% of the network is provided by this system. There are no worthy alternatives yet, and any expert will tell you that this is the easiest way to use the system.

WordPress allows you to create different types of websites:



sites for business;

charity sites;

online stores.

You can choose what you like. This is an extremely diverse tool to put your ideas into practice. After the uprising of this platform, blogging became the most popular occupation. Every day the users’ variety expands. This is your opportunity to realize everything you have planned in this CMS.


WordPress has many advantages, but it is the leader in the openness of the resource. The system can be downloaded for free and used free of charge. Isn't that the biggest plus? Save money and earn large sums. A private company cannot delete your content, even if there is a global reason for it. If only Dennis Cooper had used this WordPress advantage, he wouldn’t have lost all information on his blog. The safety of your data is in your hands only!


WordPress is effectively protected against hacker attacks and various viruses. The system includes security plugins that protect your blog or another site. There is only one important detail: constant updating. If you do not update WordPress, your site will become vulnerable to cybersecurity. This feature can be "hardened" and make your business completely safe.

Variety of Languages

The WordPress community has done detailed work on the implementation of different languages in the interface. Currently, 60 languages are available. The WordPress mission is to make the platform relevant to different audiences. So far, more than 70% of publications are created in English, but gradually, the number of foreign language sites is increasing.

Customization Available

WordPress was originally conceived as a platform for blogging but eventually switched to creating websites. Everyone can independently arrange the kernel, plugins, themes, completely adapt to their needs. This is useful for freelancers, professionals in various fields, amateurs to create sites, and more. WordPress is perfect for beginners in creating websites, which shows the effectiveness of the system. This is a perfectly scalable environment.

When you make the first site, the system offers you ready-made templates, which only you can change. You need to select the appropriate template on the panel. Plugins add more features, such as making a carousel header or loading a site faster.

Widgets save the look of the site. You can add a footer, additional panels to the website. Specialists who design all templates, modules, themes, plugins, work with programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

HTML Markup

The markup in WordPress works wonders for any site. Many other similar systems do not have such a feature, which is a significant advantage of this platform.

Mobile Phone Optimization

Mobile phones now contain not only contact numbers but also whole huge businesses. Therefore, WordPress does not stand aside from modern trends and adapts to its users. Specialists care about the quality of the system. When creating your site, you should not think about optimization for mobile devices because it has long been done for you.

A Set of Tools for Advanced Users

Although even a beginner can understand the WordPress system's work, the developers have adjusted the interface for professionals.

Also, you can protect basic information at the touch of a button. Furthermore, WordPress is open to SEO optimization of various search engines. WordPress automatically generates SEO plugins to create a website CML map. This makes it easier to control the headlines. Follow the permanent link structure, track keywords with the URL address, and check how WordPress is adapted for users with different knowledge. This content management system even optimizes the image. It is worth emphasizing once again: this content management system is free. If you need to expand the features, you can purchase them additionally.

The capabilities of the system do not end with the installation of Google maps, creation of categories, optimization, fixing of tags. With WordPress, you can add Simple Syndication. This feature explains how to post notifications of new updates on your website, and the authors often use it. These include news feeds, blog posts, podcasts, or weather reports.

Sometimes you can turn off this feature if you don't want Google to have access to your content. If there are unforeseen situations with design experiments, you can restore the previous version of your website.

Speed, Search, and Security

When using the site, a beginner can be scared to understand the structure of WordPress. However, this wolf is not as scary as it seems at first. A few video tutorials will help you both at the beginning of working with WordPress and improve your skills.

Moreover, people who are just starting their business often have a very limited budget. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of WordPress helps. At first, you can hire only a limited number of employees and then develop the business accordingly.


In its 14 years of existence, WordPress has become the most popular content management system and has won many freelancers' hearts with its ease of use. However, some of the young companies are snapping on WordPress heels. Still, WordPress is growing and gaining popularity every year. Its updates are released every 5 months. The content management system does everything for you and there is a chance to become a real expert with almost no effort. WordPress satisfies audiences around the world. Controlling everything is simple!https://news.netcraft.com/archives/category/web-server-survey/

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