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Introduction to A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is not that much famous yet in the world of the Web Hosting Service Provider. But that doesn't means it is not known to anyone at all. The company is very much keen with its idea give the best and fast servers to the users and they will be always your. Besides, just being fast and best is not enough if you are not contributing anything to the world. That is why they are away from carbon and all the servers are All Green.

What A2 Hosting provides you?

There are five different plans that you can find on many other hosting service provider sites. But there are hell lots of sub and sub-sub plans that you can have a look at and choose from. There are a variety of choices for you under every hosting plan whether it is shared, VPS, cloud, or any other.

Shared Hosting

This is one of the most used and bought hosting from any of the hosting provider site. Shared Hosting is the first choice for maximum of the users if they are not having a pocket full of money. It starts at Rs. 521 per month. But it will cost very low if you buy within the offer period where you will get a 51% off.

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Cloud Hosting

It is one of the most recently come to trend type of hosting plan. The cloud hosting is very much in trend these days. And this hosting plan at A2 Hosting is available in three sub-plans. The plan begins at Rs. 978 per month. It is a basic price of the started cloud server there are two more option (a total of 3) to choose from.

Dedicated Server Hosting

There are too many options for you out here. The dedicated server hosting plans are divided into sub-sub plans and that will let you choose from too many offers at various price tag which starts from Rs. 7820 per month. But with the recent 51% off offer you can grab it for quite low price.

VPS Hosting

The plans for VPS hosting are also available in sub-sub category and there are various sub-sub plans to go for or to choose from. The recent 51% off offer is also there and will give you a low price to pick your best VPS hosting plan which basically starts at Rs. 326 per month.

Reseller Hosting

Want to create your own hosting company then Reseller is what mostly people trying these days. There are many options available here too. You can get different sub-plans to choose from. The 51% offer is also there for you to grab any of the plan as the basic one starts at Rs. 1303 per month.

Up Time

It is one of the basic thing that you look at and these days almost every web hosting service provider will assure you with the 99.9% Uptime. But A2 hosting literally do that too.


A2 Hosting is lightning fast. They are 200% faster than the industry standards as they open a web page in just 392 ms which too fast in any way and is hard to achieve.


Many web hosting service providers give you a free security but the main plugins will be paid. Whereas A2 Hosting provides the free security with HackScan feature.


Are you currently using someother host and have your cpanel on that? No worry at all... A2 Hosting provides free transfer of your cpanel from one host to another.

Customer Support

They don't have a big name in the web hosting service provider industry but still they are maintaining the users very well. Reach out to them via call, mail or live chat. They will try to provide the solution as early as possible.

All Green

The use of Green servers means the servers that doesn't produce any carbon in to atmosphere A2 Hosting is also giving something back to mother nature. This is one of the major note of using A2 Hosting.

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