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Why is Garmin a Must Require Device for Travelers?

First of all, what is Garmin? Garmin is a device that is created by the Garmin Ltd. A company that is formerly known as ProNav. It was founded in 1989 that was 28 years ago. Their company specializes in GPS Technology Development for marine, outdoor, automotive, aviation, and sports activities.

The GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system that is made up of 24 satellites. It works in any kind of weather conditions, anywhere in the world, and 24 hours a day with no set up charges and subscription fees. The satellites were originally placed into orbits for military use only but they made it available for civilians to use in the 1980’s.

Aside from navigation why should a traveler get a Garmin product? Below are some of the features of the product that will make not only travelers but also a normal civilian to get one:

Things that you can do with Garmin

1. Activity Tracker

For people that are into sports or outdoor activities like running, swimming, biking, and others. Garmin can track your process like the distance you’ve taken, where you are located, counts your steps, and how fast you are.

2. Workout

Garmin devices can also keep track of your physical fitness. It keeps track of your heartbeat and indicates your body’s ability to perform abilities. You can also customize your workout plans.

3. Kid’s Productivity

Garmin products aren’t just for travelers and athletes but also for kids, there are watches that Garmin created for kids. Parent’s can manage chores through mobile devices and set it to weekly or daily. They can also set alerts on the kids’ watch to remind them homework or chores.

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4. Create Routes

There are applications that you can download for Garmin and one of it is creating the best route for a cyclist or hiker can take to avoid traffic, rocky and steep roads.

5. Tracks the Weather

When you are doing an outdoor activity, Garmin can alert you when there is a storm coming. It shows the weather of your current location and sends alert if it is about to have a rainfall. This will give you time to find shelter before the rain pours

6. Connects with your Phone

If your Garmin is paired with your phone, you can receive your emails, messages, and phone calls on your device. In that way even if you don’t have your phone with you, you will still receive your messages and calls through your Garmin device.

7. Monitors 24/7

Some products can track your activity all day, this includes sleeping, running, walking, calories, distance, and monitors your heart rate. It has a feature that automatically detects your movements and classifies it whether if it’s a run, walk, bike, and others.

So for travellers, athletes, and civilians, having a Garmin Device would help you remind and monitor your daily activities. It keeps you on the road, updates your current location, keeps you on track of the weather, and helps you to maintain a healthy body. So, when will you get your Garmin device?

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