Traditional Garden Gnome

Garden Gnomes and Snow White Dwarfs 

Most people know all about how the Snow White character is related to gnomes. The traditional, popular children's toys come with a range of different themes. However, many may not be aware that how to garden gnomes are related to snow white dwarfs may also have a bearing on a child's imagination. The traditional garden gnome may not seem very relevant when it comes to comparing the characters of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, but the two images share many similarities in their appearance. If you want to purchase gnomes similar to dwarfs, you can purchase them from

The traditional gnomes, which are shaped like dwarfs, are brightly colored and have a soft, furry appearance. They commonly have a lantern with a large body and a snout for its head. These gnomes, traditionally, are made from plastic and stand on two legs. While the modern version may simply be a wooden or plastic replica of the original, they can still be found in a great variety of shapes and sizes, from classic garden statues to the modern take on the traditional style. They tend to stand on three or even two legs.

The Snow White character was more than just an imaginary friend, though. She was actually a princess that had been cast as a fairy in a story called the Princess and the Gnome. When this image was created by a Disney artist in 1937, it was immediately popular with children and parents. It soon became a top-selling cartoon character and remained so to this day. The idea of a fairy gnome was adopted by the designers of several different gnome games.

The original Red Hat Garden Gnome is most often red in color and stands on four legs. In modern times they are painted in a range of colors, including blue and green. These more recent versions have legs that are cylindrical instead of spherical. They are usually about one inch in diameter. The original gnomes are now considered a collector's item and can fetch a great deal of money.

There are many theories about how gnomes came to exist. Some believe they were the result of a misunderstanding involving Snow White and the dwarf. Whatever the source, there is no denying how gnomes are closely associated with Snow White and her famous friends. Their appearance, their unusual name, their unusual mission, and the things they do for the coming in of the New Year mean they are often seen as symbols of Christmas. 

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