Know the different between Non-Alcoholic, Dealcoholized, and Alcohol-Free Wine

Wine is one such drink which is being recommended by doctors also, as it is quite good for health. Though, in certain health conditions, wine is not allowed due to the alcoholic content present in it. That is why we have non-alcoholic wine for such conditions. However, people often confuse alcohol-free wine with non-alcoholic and dealcoholized wine. The Alcohol-Free Wine of wine or the alcohol-free wine may seem similar to you all. But you should know that there is a difference between these three. We are going to help you learn about this difference, so that next time when you plan to buy any of them, you do not end buying the wrong one.

There is not much or a huge difference between the three, but if you are a wine lover, you should be aware of the same. This will help you in choosing the right non-alcoholic wine, according to the situation.

Non-Alcoholic Wine

Starting with the non-alcoholic wine, so it does seem that this wine must be completely free from alcohol, however it is not. It does contain around 0.5 percent of alcohol. When the non-alcoholic wine is being formed, it undergoes the fermentation process, but it is being stopped in between only to halt the production of alcohol. It is being done by adding the unfermented drink in it which helps in reducing the percentage of alcohol. So, saying this will be wrong that non-alcoholic wines do not contain alcohol.

Dealcoholized Wine

This wine is being prepared using the same method the alcoholic wine is being prepared. When talking about the percentage of alcohol present in it, so it is around 0.5 percent. Though, in the non-alcoholic wine, the alcohol percentage was reduced by adding unfermented drink. Here, the alcoholic wine is being made dealcoholized by using the Dealcoholization process. In that process, the alcohol is being separated from the wine with the help of the reverse osmosis process or with the help of vacuum distillation.

Alcohol-Free Wine

If you ever want to get a full alcohol-free wine, then ask for the Zero percent alcohol wine. This wine doesn’t contain alcohol it and the process of making this wine are also different from the above two processes. This wine is not being prepared using the fermentation process, this is also one of the reasons why they taste different in comparison to other wines.

To know if the wine is completely free from alcohol or not, you can also check the label of the wine bottle. There it is being mentioned, how much percentage of alcohol is present in it.

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