Epson Printer Setup

Epson Printer Setup

If you have got an Epson printer at your home or in your workplace, you need to connect your

printer to your network to make it work conveniently or smoothly.

We will guide you to connect your printer to your network by following the step-by-step method.

Before going further, you need to check

• You know the name and password of your network

• Your Epson printer is set up with a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection

• Downloading and installing the Epson Printer Setup Connect Utility

Here is the step-by-step method to connect your printer to your network:

1. Turn on your Epson Printer.

2. Press the Home button on the Epson printer’s control panel.

3. By using the arrow button select Setup Wi-Fi, then press OK.

4. Then select the Wi-Fi setup wizard and press on OK

5. Once the search has been done, choose your network name on the screen.

6. Type in the network password.

7. Now, press OK.

8. Your Epson printer has been connected to your Wi-Fi successfully.

9. Now your printer is ready to print.

Set up of Epson connect printer

For windows:

You need to follow the steps to enable Epson Connect for your Epson printer in windows.

Note: please make sure your printer is set up with a Wi-fi or Ethernet connection.

Firstly, You have to go through the Epson support main page, then select your printer, select

Manuals of your printer, then click on the start here.

1. The Epson Printer Setup Connect Utility is to be downloaded and then installed.

2. Approve the End-User license agreement, then select the Next button.

3. Now select install and then finish.

4. Specify your printer and then click on the Next button.

5. Make a Click on the Printer registration and click on Next.

6. Again, choose Agree and then select the Next button.

7. Select OK once you see the message “Register a printer to Epson Connect”.

8. Now,

• For creation of a new account, the user is required to fill the Create an Epson

Connect Account form, then select the Ok button.

• In case you have an existing account, click “I have already an account”, then

you need to fill the “Add a new printer” form, then select Add button.

9. Finally, Choose the Close button

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