Defining Manual Directory Submission Process

Well the answer to the question lies in the question to some extent. The process which involves the submission of URL of your company into the various directories available on the internet like, etc is known as directory submission. The steps mentioned below are the directions to the process of directory submissions. If you want to grow your business, then you may need services erp system development company IT DEV

Selecting the directory for your site or URL

The process of directory submission begins from the selection of directory in which we want our site or URL to be selected. Then we must ensure that the directory we have opted must openly accept the submissions and must also ensure that our submission is guaranteed. There are various companies who have categorized their respective directories as paid ones, reciprocal ones, and some though very few are even free. Out of all the directory options available we have to select the one which can best meet our requirements. After the selection of the directory we move towards the next level that is the website URL finding.

URL searching in the directory

A very important thing to be kept in mind is that the URL that has been selected by you must be unique and kindly check the directory to ensure that no such URL exists in the library before. It is important to do this otherwise the editors will suspend our site to be a part of the directory because they believe in avoiding or rejecting submissions that have same URL or if that URL already exists.

Category selection

A directory has been further classified into categories of all types. So if you are eager for your site approval and want it to be a guaranteed one then kindly select the category as well that falls in the same category your site relates to. for confirmation you can compare the other sites that are available in the category you are going to opt, if they are the same then that means that you are going on the right track.

Giving birth to a valid email account

You are suggested to create a special and valid account for the submission you are going to make. It is through this email only that the editors can easily contact you whenever needed and inform you about the approval or disapproval of your submission.

Filling agreement form of the directory

The next step is that once you have finalized the directory you want you want your site to be a part of, kindly read all its terms and conditions carefully and start satisfying them as per their requirement. Please do mention the respective category of the directory you want to approach to so that your approval can be easily assured. Also sign the form that you are ready to pay us the mentioned amount of money for fulfilling your requirement and making it a part of our directory. Please do mention the category along with itr respective URL so that you are copyright protected.

Check whether your site is approved or not

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