MorphStick Keyboard 2 Ethernet MorphStick Ethernet 2 Key-board

Clever converter for key-boards as well as barcode viewers

The MorphStick keylogger  Tap 2 Ethernet is a portable network gadget, with the ability of converting USB key-board or USB barcode viewers data to Ethernet packets. It faucets into a USB connection between the computer system and also USB gadget, captures the transmitted data structures, and also sends them as UDP datagrams in a customer configurable format.

The MorphStick Keyboard Host 2 Ethernet is a variation of the tap version, which does not need a computer system for the key-board or barcode reader to function. It contains an integrated USB host, which polls the linked USB device for data, hence simplifying the configuration as well as decreasing the quantity of cabling.
The MorphStick Ethernet 2 Key-board operates in the other direction, simulating a USB keyboard from incoming UDP information over Ethernet The source of the UDP data can be a MorphStick Keyboard 2 Ethernet, or data created from a network gadget or computer system.More

MorphStick Key-board 2 Ethernet.

2 USB outlets as well as RJ-45 Ethernet outlet
Powered over USB or POE (alternative).
Compact as well as mobile layout.
Extremely configurable with straightforward PC-side application.
Supports nationwide keyboard layouts.
Optional POE (Power-over-Ethernet) adapter.
Optional built-in live clock with battery.
Optional logging module with embedded SD card.
MorphStick Key-board Tap 2 Ethernet: MorphStick Keyboard Faucet 2 Ethernet.
Catches data from USB keyboard or USB barcode visitor.
Touches into existing USB communication without interfering with it.
Sends out information over Ethernet as UDP datagrams, or in your area over USB.
Can be paired with MorphStick Ethernet 2 Keyboard.
MorphStick Keyboard Host 2 Ethernet: MorphStick Key-board Host 2 Ethernet.
Serve as a USB host as well as proactively surveys a USB keyboard or barcode reader.
Sends out data over Ethernet as UDP datagrams, or locally over USB.
Can be coupled with MorphStick Ethernet 2 Keyboard.
MorphStick Ethernet 2 Keyboard: MorphStick Ethernet 2 Key-board.
Mimics a USB key-board.
Obtains information from UDP datagrams over Ethernet, or in your area over USB.
Can be coupled with MorphStick Keyboard 2 Ethernet.
Just how it functions.
MorphStick Key-board Tap 2 Ethernet.
MorphStick Key-board Tap 2 Ethernet.
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Attach a USB key-board or barcode viewers on one end to the horizontal USB-An outlet. Connect to the host computer system making use of the upright USB-A socket. Attach Ethernet to the RJ45 outlet on the other end. After an easy setup treatment, the Morphstick will certainly capture all USB website traffic without interfering with it, and move it over Ethernet to a chosen location.

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