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Discover rajasthan rich and  historical culture

Located in the Northwest of the India, on the border of Pakistan, Rajasthan is one of the most touristic regions of the country. In the region, ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural differences are at their worst and yet coexist. Land of a thousand temples, Rajasthan is made up of small kingdoms established by the Rajput Lords, where time seems to have stopped. Landscapes, traditional clothing: the State of Rajasthan is renowned for the richness and variety of its colours. You have to cross the blue Jodhpur, the Pink City of Jaipur and its "palais of the vents", Jaisalmer and its ochre shades, Udaipur and palaces white to soak up the unique atmosphere of Rajasthan and discover the rich historical and cultural past of the region cheap last minute flights deals to india and save big on your travel trip to india.

Main cities: 

Udaipur, Amber, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Pushkar - Religion: nearly 90% of residents are Hindu. The main minorities are Muslims, sikhs, and jains. 


-Number of inhabitants: 56 473 000 inhabitants


In Rajasthan, the time is dry and warm all year round. May and June are the hottest months, the mercury often remaining blocked in this season above 40 ° C. The following months (from June to September) monsoon brings a little moisture, but the region can know long months without rainfall. From September to March, temperatures are mild (between 15 and 20 ° C).


The "terre of the rois" is bounded to the West by Pakistan, on the North by Punjab, to the South by the States of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, and on the East by those of the Haryana and the Uttar Pradesh. " The major cities of Rajasthan are rather to the East, in the Chambal Valley, half West of the State being largely covered by the Thar desert.


342 239 km² 


Yellow ground of the Thar desert, to the Northwest, the permanent blue of the sky, the pink of Jaipur, Red clothes, and in the villages of the region of the have, the colours of the houses have made Rajasthan the State of all colors, underpinned by maintaining traditions born of the civilization of the rajputs warriors. 'Land of the Kings', fortresses and palaces of maharajas, Rajasthan is rich in monuments of renown. Jaipur and Udaipur are the classics: Jaipur for his palace of winds and its pink brick, Udaipur for his witnesses to the rajput art Palace. Barely less known: Amber, whose Palace was built at the time of the great Mughals, and Jodhpur (Citadel). In another register, the cities of the road of the caravans of the desert of Thar (Bikaner, Jaisalmer) became the major tourist centres. Desert dunes of the desert of Thar to the Green Hills through the beautiful natural lakes: Rajasthan is also home to a patchwork of landscapes.

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