Entrepreneurism 101
 Timothy Michael Ricke

As a   past Entrepreneur of the Year, author , speaker and Army Ranger  I receive requests to speak at Colleges and Universities. Most are the new MBA studens with a desire to own their own business. If you do not have a coach to help you will waist a great deal of time getting there, if you ever do? 

Many of my clients, at first,  think a coach is to costly. Here is how successful  clients look at  the price of coaching.  I ask: "How much would you pay a new employee to do the research and learn what I have learned? " The answer will range from $400 part time to $600 and up full time. Keep in mind that a coach has traveled the paths and has experience in his or her corner.   I suggest you ask them if they have run a SUCCESSFUL business.

It is all about the ROI  or return on investment!   Here's the really cool thing. I cost less than the new employee!

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8 Habits Networking

As a constant networker I was amazed to see most networkers did not know how to succeed and I have learned the skills that produced the habits that produced remarkable successes for me . They are within the pages of this eBook.


Selling High End

If you desire to produce an excellent income, then go for the high priced items. There is less competition and you will spend less time and you will find that those with money are  better listeners . This eBook will teach how to take the steps to selling expensive items. 


The Gift Revised

The Gift is a series of TRUE short stories that change lives.

 There so many times we are provided gifts that do not appear as gift , but they are hidden from our lives for a time period.

At sometime in the future the Gifts change our lives in remarkable ways.


How to be an Entrepreneur

These the stories of my own life that , beginning at age 4. They will provide you with the lessons that, if followed, can  help you become a very successful entrepreneur. 

I spend 10 years writing these for entrepreneurs 


Own Your Own

I have owned and started from scratch and obtained other businesses with NO MONEY Down.

There is away to build an incredible income  starting with less than $200!

All are wishing this ebook waiting for you.


My Discoveries

As I wrote delivered my speeches I found I was producing my own quotes that grabbed my audience. Many said that the quotes were solid lessons to help them succeed.

My poems came from deep inside and provided me with peace and understanding.


Personal Discoveries

Fifty percent of my success came from learning from the best marketers in the world.  Those lessons help me double business in the following years. If you don't understand the components of getting your clients to call, you are in for a very long road. 


A Christmas Story

This book was first a speech, followed by a printing in the Orlando Sentinel. The publisher of "God Allows U-Turns" contacted me and offered to publish my story and allow me to keep  all rights. A decade later I met RC Aradio, a graphic artist.  This is the result.

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