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5 Garage Door Safety Tips For Your Family

A garage door has added a lot of conveniences in our daily life. Although with all these benefits, it still does pose a threat to our family’s security. By following simple safety tips one can protect their family which are as follows

Safety Sensors:

Check the safety check every once in a while. Garage door repairs are must after passage time, so it is better to be aware of whether it needs repair or not as soon as possible. To check the safety sensor pass a leg under the sensor if it has a garage door photo eye or if the garage door is mechanical the put an obstacle in its way, the garage door should reverse back if it as soon as it touches anything. 

Don’t trust everyone with the passcode:

Having a password on the garage door has a lot of benefits. It secures your house and car and in case of an emergency you are locked outside of the house you can get back in by using this password but it doesn’t you have to share the password with everyone as it makes your house vulnerable against burglaries.

Teaching garage door safety to kids: 

Teaching kids garage safety utmost important thing to do. As kids are naive and they might mistakenly hurt someone. Teach kids not to share garage passwords with anyone, close the garage when no one is outside and don’t ride the garage door as it is not a toy.

Hide the remote from kids:

Keep the remote transmitter of the garage door on the top shelves far from children’s reach.

Don’t leave the garage door slightly open: 

People often let the garage door slightly open to let cool air inside. But it poses a greater threat as any wild animal or burglar has an opportunity to get inside the house. Also, it makes off-balance , in this case, call a garage door repair service Ogden or Orem.

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