Note that team that loses 1st game must play in the 2nd game. 
  • 12 Overs each of 8 Balls. 
  • 6 consecutive overs will be bowled from each end with batsmen changing ends at end of over, except for end of 6th 
  • Wicket keeper can be changed only after 6 overs 
  • Any wide/no ball will incur 2 run penalty and will not be bowled again in all but the final over of the innings when normal wide/no-ball rules apply:ie 1 run and re-bowl 
  • Retire at 15. If the team is all out retirees can return in order of retiring, once only and to a maximum of 15 more runs. 
  • 4 bowlers allowed to bowl 2 overs. Others max. of 1 each. 
  • LBW rules apply, but with one warning to each batsman. 
  • 1st ball is free to all batsmen except if a returning retiree 
* Team batting order must be reversed for 2nd game* 
Winner is most wins. A tie= half a win. If equal number of wins, best runs difference counts runs for less runs against). 
If team batting 2nd wins without batting out overs, 1 extra run per unbowled ball will be added to their score.
                         UMPIRES PLEASE READ! 

The 2019 Halverstown BBQ Tournament !
Sunday July 14th, the day the cricket world is waiting for! Yes it is the Halverstown BBQ day! It's played as a Triangular Tournament with games starting at 11am, 1.30 pm and the final game at 4pm.
All day BBQ with steaks, chicken , burgers as well as salads and desserts. Price includes wine, beer, cider, soft drinks- and top class cricket (ok, that bit might be a slight exaggeration). Just €20 players, €15 students/spectators, €10 Children and €5 little ones.
A great family day out in glorious sunshine !
This is our main fundraiser of the year as well as being a lovely social event so we hope everyone will support it.
Teams for the Tournament:
Green Giants: Neville Case (Capt), Terrence Case, Mark Case, Andy Barber, Vishnu Yannam, Hubert Beaumont, Brian McAllister, Barry Ashmore, Richard Greene, Terry Gayle and Dave Bursey.
White Knights: Kevin Threadgold (Capt), John Threadgold, Stephen Gray, Jennifer Gray, Tim Ronaldson, Danny Plewman, Gerard O'Shea, Alan Mahon, Kevin Abrook, Clive Wardrop and Niall O'Reilly. 
Black Aces: Des Drumm (Capt), Cecil Johnstone, Gunter Bayer, Mark Ronaldson, Stuart Hayes, Steve Rix, Jon Kirby, Kevin Hodson, Ryan Hodson, Frank O'Beirne, Deaglan O'Ceallaigh and Paddy Carroll.

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