Halverstown Clean Sweep !
They always say you should never get to low when things don't go well, so we shouldn't get overly excited at the 3 wins from 3 games last weekend. T20 Skipper, Barry Ashmore done a fantastic job overseeing back to back wins against Ashbourne and Merrion. This was then followed up with a win away to North County in the League. When you look at the performances over the 3 games, it's hard to overlook Umer's 5 wicket haul against Merrion which guaranteed progression to the next round. John Threadgold's 3 wickets against Ashbourne which insured that they never got any momentum in their attack, or finally Kevin Hodson's 4 wickets against North County on the Sunday. But, none of this can take away from the fantastic performance of each and every player over last weekend. It was a truly team effort.
So onto this weekend, and Merrion return to Brannockstown in the League this time. As last week should, these games have been traditionally quite close with very little between the teams. Also, don't let the league table fool you. This maybe a 6th v 7th on paper right now, but with games in hand, a couple of wins, and you could be right in the race for promotion, and dare I say it, the league title itself.
Play in Brannockstown will begin at 1pm. Weather is to expect some showers, but we hope for a full day's cricket.
The Halverstown Oaks play on Sunday at home against Carlow CC. Play is scheduled for 1pm.

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