Halverstown Oaks v Arthurs Knights - Sun 10th Jul 2022

Halverstown Oaks win by 1 Run

ARTHUR’S KNIGHTS : 120 in 30 overs

 Batting: J.Hodgson 24 F.O’Beirne 23 D.Bursey 22

Bowling : F.Ringrose 6-1-21-2 F.O’Beirne 3-0-30-2 J.Hodgson 5-1-16-1

  A.Forrest 3-0-5-0 D.Bursey 4-0-9-0 C.Mehigan 3-0-16-0 E de Burca 3-0-21-0

OAKS: 121 in 27 overs

   Batting: K.Hodson 32* A.Williamson 30* L.Joseph 12 G.Bayer 11 

 Bowling: A.Barber 4-0-13-2 N.O’Reilly 2-0-15-2 D.Drumm 4-0-10-1 

 M.Hodgson 4-1-11-1 B.McAllister 4-0-13-1 K.Hodson 4-1-8-0 L.Joseph 5-1-14-0 G.Bayer 3-0-10-0 

A win for the Oaks, under my captaincy in the absence of Ger. Or was it? Ger had talked about a 2 innings game. I was not keen, partly because it is good to vary format but mainly because we lent Knights 2 players to make it 9 aside. Two innings games’ do allow everyone to bat but with 9 aside, 30 overs and retire at 30 (plus LBW after a warning) everyone was likely to get a decent bat anyway. I suggested each team bat its 30 overs with lowest scorers returning. Knights’ captain, Frank O’Beirne, didn’t quite grasp the first part of that proposal.

Arthur’s Knights won the toss and batted first. The LBW warning system rarely results in a dismissal, but it did with Knights opener Colm. Maybe not such a good idea then. We ran through their higher order quickly and it took Big Dave to steady things with a 22 before loanee Jim Hodgson put up a good score and Frank himself chipped in with 23. Colm and our Jishnu returned to the crease to bat out the 30 overs but their total was still a modest 120. Our bowling was good: Andy Barber was the pick with 2 good wickets for 13 but Niall also took 2, for 15, one an excellent bowled. A caught-bowled for me, Mathew picking up a wicket and a maiden and Brian dismissing the dangerous Jim Hodgson were other highlights, but all our bowlers turned in very respectable figures.

Our innings started solidly with Andrew’s 30 not out, only topped by 32 not out from Kevin Hodson. With Lijo and Gunter batting 6 and 8 it looked as though we would coast to a win. But cricket is never straightforward. After a brief but glorious 12 Lijo was run out whilst taking a very casual second run. Brian was bowled by the excellent Ringrose. The lowest scorers returned, with just a couple of runs to get. Niall quickly got a second duck, which left Andy in. I went to join him. Frank demurred, saying that only two players could bat again, making the 11. The scores were level. My understanding was that we batted the 30 overs anyway. Frank relented; I said it would be a draw if we didn’t get the 1 needed. It was close! We finally ran a bye to win the game…we think. Andrew was Man of the match for his opening innings, but his contribution as keeper and to the excellent tea was noted too as was Kevin’s for lovely salads: an old fashioned Halverstown tea! Frank was a strong contender for their Man of the match but, keeping it in the Halverstown family, I awarded it to Jim Hodgson. A good day! 

Written by Des Drumm


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