Chapelizod v Halverstown Oaks - Sun 11th Jul 2021

Match Abandoned due to rain

   25 over semi-Taverners

CHAPELIZOD : 108 for 6 off 25 overs

R.O’Connor 30-0-14-1 A.P 2-0-5-0 Antonio 2-0-9-0 Pritik 2-0-12-0

HALVERSTOWN: 55 for 1 off 10 overs

K.Hodson 30 retired M.Ronaldson 12* G.O’Shea 6

J.Kirby 3-1-5-1 M.Islam 2-0-11-1 P.Carroll 2-0-12-1 D.McConaghy 3-0-15-1 N.O’Reilly 3-0-16-1 D.Drumm 2-0-3-0 D.O’Ceallaigh 3-0-12-0 G.O’Shea 2-0-13-0 K.Hodson 3-0-14-0

B.McAllister 3-1-7-0

My previous accounts of encounters with Chapelizod have covered the battle of Rourke’s Drift, the film “Zulu”, the legend of Tristan and Isolde and the works of Sheridan Le Fanu. No time for such fanciful diversions in this account, partially because the game itself was inconclusive , partially because the Chapelizod score keeping detail was a bit shaky at times, but mainly because today Halverstown 2 are in the semi-final of the Adamstown Cup and I have other things on my mind! Nevertheless no game should go unrecorded so here is a brief synopsis.

Chapelizod batted first in a Taverners type game. In the chaos of the rain soaked ending I didn’t get to get the detail of their innings so I just know someone retired at the designated 30 limit, W.Kelly scored 15 before Paddy Carroll bowled him and someone called Bob scored 12 before David McConaghy took a marvellous caught-bowled. Mark Ronaldson kept wicket and had a very neat stumping to his credit- from Niall O’Reilly of course, who must have created a club record by now for stumpings off his bowling. In our bowling, spread across all players bar Mark, we had a lot of good figures, but none better than Jon Kirby who bowled with superb accuracy and took 1 for 5 off 3 overs, wh including a maiden. Brian also had a maiden in his very good figures.

The Oaks got to 55 at the 10 over mark, 18 runs ahead of Chapelizod at that same point, largely due to a fine 30 not out from bowler-turned-batsman Kevin Hodson. By now the rain, which had drizzled for an hour or more, was really heavy and Chapelizod asked (indeed begged!) to end the game- and offered us the win as an inducement. Sportingly of course, we declined the win and the match was declared an honourable, if very soggy, draw. There is no doubt in our minds of course that we would have won, but who really knows in the strange and wonderful game that is cricket.

Written by Des Drumm.

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