Armenian tore my wife in the ass

I had no choice but to sit on the couch and watch the process of carnivorous savoring my Inna's pussy with the mouth of a guest. This excites me, and I unbuttoned my fly and took out my counting stake and began to massage it. The movements of Arik's tongue became more insistent and he began to penetrate into the depth of the vagina of the wife, who moaned and cried louder. Finally, the guest almost completely introduced his huge tongue as a snake's tongue into his wife's pussy, widely spreading her tender sexual labia to her hands and earned in her bowels with the fury of a kite tormenting the game! My wife started screaming and soon her cramps running down my stomach and thighs informed me of a strong orgasm stunning her body! She sagged and leaned back in her chair and opened her eyes. What a good wife you have! - said the Armenian, standing to his knees and sitting next to me. He was breathing heavily. And his giant shaggy club was a stake between his legs and was very tense. A member of it without even resorting to measurement could be assessed as very large and thick! About 20-22 cm in length and about 4 cm in diameter. This I saw only in German porn magazines that were sold in our commercial kiosks at the station.

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