Jeanne Kett, MS, LCPC - Counseling Services   

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor providing counseling and educational services for families, teens, young adults, individuals and couples.

Education: MS, Counseling Psychology, Benedictine University.  Post-graduate clinical training, Family Systems, Institute for Juvenile Research, University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Over the years, I have taught in the Psychology Department at Elmhurst College, I have counseled individuals, families and couples at Lutheran Social Services of Illinois and provided prevention educational services to families through research conducted at University of Illinois at Chicago.  

Both personally and professionally, I am surrounded by teens and young adults  on a daily basis. I am committed to understanding the unique educational, relational, and  ever-changing technology challenges faced by this generation. I find our young people to be adaptable, socially-minded and highly pressured.

The core of the family is you. I meet with parents individually and/or with families together to promote meaningful connections with those we love most.

A major objective of my work is to establish understanding and support for teens/tweens, young adults and their parents as they navigate the turbulent years between childhood and adulthood.

I specialize in work with families, couples, teens and young adults. 

  • Adults: trauma, bereavement, depression, anxiety, substance use, career difficulties, relational difficulties, clarification of values, life goals and development of emotional/physical health.
  • Young adults/teens: educational/career counseling, depression, anxiety, formation of healthy sexuality, impact of media gender messages, values clarification,  personal goal formation,  disordered eating, substance use, relational difficulties, technology difficulties (porn, social media, time management) development of emotionally and physically healthy habits.  
  • Parenting challenges: educational problems, social problems, communication, conflict management, moodiness, rebellion, relational difficulties, sex-ed support (keeping girls and boys safe and informed), technology challenges (porn, video games, social media, time management, media messages/values that counter those of your family),  anxiety, depression, substance abuse education and prevention.
  • Couples:  life transitions, gender roles in marriage, effective communication, recovering from betrayal, substance use, bereavement, intimacy difficulties, career/financial difficulties. 

Counseling sessions: $100-$150 per session 
Kett Counseling accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance.
Insurance reimbursement also eligible at an out of network rate.

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Jeanne Kett, LCPC (License# 180 001553)

    *See Educational Workshops  Offered Below*

Jeanne Kett, MS, LCPC -Educational Services


How to talk to your kids about sex

For Parents of  teens/tweens.

Let's face it; our children are bombarded with a continuous stream of messages regarding how to be 'real' men and how to be 'hot' women. Technology, including access to pornography has made the parent's job even more difficult. Parents, let's get your values heard!

This workshop is available for small groups of moms or couples in your home for casual conversations with meaningful consequences. 


Academic and Social Anxiety

Are you tired of the race to nowhere? Is the pressure to perform changing your family in ways not intended? Don't let your life make a mockery of your values.  Slow down, define your values, establish your place, enact your plan and live your authentic life. This coaching session is available in individual or group formats.


Teen Partying: But everyone does it, why fight it?

The numbers are astounding.

 "People who have their first drink at age 14 or younger are six times more likely to develop alcohol problems than those who don’t try alcohol until the legal drinking age." (

Parents, you are not alone. Yes, you can put up road blocks to stall your child's partying. And yes, you should. Let's figure out the best way to help you and your child make it through these dangerous  times of social  pressure. It can be done! This workshop is ideal for small groups of parents or as a private session for you and your family.   

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