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A public Data Base of the sea turtles of Cabo Verde

TurtleBase is one of the longest datasets of sea turtles in the Atlantic made available to other research and conservation groups via an online platform.

TurtleBase is the result of The Turtle Project, a large citizen-science project designed to improve the conservation of the endangered loggerhead turtles of Cabo Verde. This database contains information from over 5,000 loggerhead turtles that nested in the archipelago of Cabo Verde, including id tags, haplotypes and stable isotopes.

The data has been collected since 2008 by researchers from The Eizaguirre Lab with the help of students, volunteers and local conservationist from NGOs in 10 different islands of the archipelago.

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How to use TurtleBase

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Search for the data you are looking for using the filters available in the search form you will find below. After clicking search, the first 10 raws of data will display in the table. Refer to this text file for further instructions on the data base.


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If you use the data from TurtleBase for research, presentation, poster or any other scientific material, cite TurtleBase using the manuscript that you will find in this link.

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NumberSample DateIslandBeachPITMetal Tag LeftMetal Tag RightCCLCCWLatitudeLongitudeCloacal parasitesNº of cloacal parasitesHaplotyped15Nd13CAssociated Samples