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Piano Lessons at the Piano school for Students of All Ages

The Piano school in Mississauga has several private lessons for learning all kinds of instruments. In addition to piano lessons, there are guitar, flute, saxophone, oboe, clarinet and voice lessons available. We even teach lessons for using pro-tools. Our school studio has optimal acoustics, sound studio environments and high quality piano.

The instructors all have degrees in music education. Many also have extensive performance resumes. All of our teachers can work with students of any age or any level of musical ability. We have programs that work with early childhood, elementary, middle and high school curriculum. We even offer lessons to graduate school students or adults of any age.

Each teacher has a deep interest in fostering your child's musical abilities. Students are matched to specific teachers based on their abilities, learning styles, previous abilities and goals. We take great pride in the fact that everyone at the Work shop works hard to stay on the edge of all new teaching repertoires.

Our piano teachers hold advanced degrees in piano performance and have extensive experience teaching the instrument. The student and teacher interaction is critical in mastering the piano, so great care is taken to match each student with the appropriate teacher.

Before a piano teacher is hired, that individual is qualified by taking into consideration their teaching philosophy, their skills and their ability to work with students. Piano students are asked about their desire to play certain genres of music, their goals, and more to match them with the most suitable teacher possible.

See what the Piano school can offer your child or you as far as expanding your musical talents goes. We create the right environment so as to ensure success in music education for students of all ages. Also, we make sure students are enjoying the lessons and the music they create. Our studios are large, spacious and are isolated acoustically with soundproof doors and special viewing glass windows.

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