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Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a natural cure that combines the beneficial effects of refreshing massage and essential oils. Aromatherapy helps the body to harmonize, strengthen and heal by using essential oils and vegetable oils. Essential oil is the essence of the plant, the whole essence, so each essential oil is equally effective on six physical, spiritual and spiritual levels. With its natural method, it is able to prevent or even cure diseases.

Massage is preceded by a problem exploratory conversation on the basis of which we personally develop the course of treatment. This problem can be psychic or physical, whatever comes from back pain, stress, fatigue.

Aromatherapy supplies essential oils from different parts of plants, usually with distillation. Although essential oils can be used effectively for many things, no matter how they are applied. A good person knows which kind of oil affects the problem, which essential oils must be combined with and which is forbidden. The quality of the essential oil must also be impeccable in order to achieve the desired effect. In our salon we only work with clean, high quality oils.

Massage may be slow, gentle smoothing, or faster, more intense movements, depending on the relaxation or energizing or updating of the body and soul. Its essence is the introduction of aroma oil into the skin. It stimulates the lymph and blood circulation, improves metabolism, increases the body's detoxification, which makes our muscles fully relaxed. After 4-5 hours of massage, you should wait for the shower to fully absorb the oils. The number and density of treatments depends on the particular problem and situation.

The effect of aromatherapy massage on our body:

Through the skin's epidermis, the essential oil gets into the bloodstream. From here, you can easily contact any point in your organization. It has excellent diuretic, fungicidal, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to regain the resilience of our body. It balances the bent soul and harmonizes the state of mind. It relaxes, refreshes the spirit and is able to nourish the nervous system.

Applying aromatherapy:

• colds, flu
• digestive disorders
• headache
• disruption of the hormone balance
• Menstrual disorders
• variables problems
• various physical and sports injuries
• some skin diseases
• sleep disturbances
• Slow metabolism, digestive problems
• to treat stress-induced complaints

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