The videos

creating games without programming

The actual Chomp Man 3d video game kit & tutorial collection is a new completely FREE three dimensional game kit & guide series.
Games without code
Created for game programmers of all levels, & in line with the beloved arcade classic Pac Man, Chomp-Man was created to become a simple to develop but enjoyable game that can help teach the fundamentals of game development, artwork, & design, by making a full game from seed to fruition.
Games without code
We’ve also developed 2 separate & distinct sequence:

The first is called “Games without having code”.
In these series of movies, we’ll develop full video games & projects without composing a single line of code.

The second reason is called “Games made easy”.
For this series of videos we are going to create full games or even projects using code.

Due to the fact that this project was done in each traditional scripting & visible scripting, even those with no programming knowledge or the wish to learn scripting, can create a complete game, from scratch. & want to know the best part is, every element you observe in this tutorial is completely totally free for you to download & utilize!
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