How To Save Money On Books And Ebooks With Coupons And Deals

Whether you’re buying an expensive Lambo, or you’re buying candy in a local store across the street, saving money is always essential. Although we don’t mean to be frugal, maximizing what your money can get you is a form of self-help. If you’re a book lover like me, I guess you’re reading this article because you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount you pay for quality books on the internet. In this article, I’ll be teaching you how to save money on books and ebooks with coupons and deals.

What is a coupon?

Coupons are in the form of vouchers or codes (usually combination or letter) that you can use to get the price of a product reduced or discounted. Couponing works in various ways, depending on the offer on the coupon deal. Some coupon deals give you a certain figure discount on your purchase (it can be for a particular product or any product), while some are a percentage discount on your cart. Most online coupons work just once for a particular user and few can be used severally as wished. For physical coupons, as long as you lay your hands on them, you’re entitled to the benefits.

Top 9 coupons to save money on books

1. Horzu coupon

Gives up to 105 euro
10 Euro for Horzu 1 year subscription to 114.40 EURO
Hörzu is a German weekly television listings magazine published in Hamburg. Featuring top movies and TV programs to watch for the week.

2. Stateless coupon

20% stateless coupon for the stateless freedom package from Christoph Heuermann

3. Kopp

10 Euro voucher from Kopp Verlag
Physical voucher for shopping books on their website

4. Amazon

5 Euro Amazon discount code on Amazon Kindle or paperback.

5. Shop24direct

5 Euro Shop24direct voucher
Best place for books and CDs.


Buyers get a 5 Euro voucher code and advertizers get a 140 Euro discount
Die Welt is a German national daily newspaper


110 Euros Amazon, OTTO or Zalando vouchers, and 5 EUROs voucher code for DER SPIEGEL in the 12-month premium subscription


100 Euro online courses from experts voucher. For those looking to start an online TikTok business.


85 EURO bonus as crossed check, and 5 EURO voucher code for DIE ZEIT.
Germany weekly newspaper


60 EURO OTTO voucher and 5 EURO voucher for the 12-month premium subscription.
Freundin is the German language fortnightly women's magazine, it publishes every 14 days.

How to save more on books

Now that I’ve listed the top 10 coupons you can use to get discounts on all your book deals, you can save more money by putting them to good use. One of the best methods of saving more is to do some research in price comparisons. You can first start by a search for the website with the lowest price for that particular book, that way, you have an edge for saving even more when you apply a coupon to it. Let’s have a look at -

Books are an essential part of our lives; we’re either using them to learn something or to get entertained. When we find methods to reduce the amount we spend on purchasing them, although it might look insignificant on one item, when we measure up the total money saved from couponing in a year, then we’d realize it huge money that can be dumped in something else.

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